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15+ top free photo websites for your online projects


We’ve all been there. Anxious, irritated, in times even frustrated – all because we can’t seem to find the photo we need. The one that fits right in our online project, new blog post, the perfect illustration when making a website. Sure, there are plenty of stock resources out there, but that’s not what we talk about. We talk about free photo websites, the ones that provide us with good resources we can choose from – and all for free! And yes, there’s plenty of free sources online, but. Which ones are legit, meaning they won’t offer us images with copyright, cheat us to take something that can only get us in trouble later?

We talked about it in our previous article, explaining photo licenses and how to distinguish them. This time, we searched all over the internet to find really legit free photo websites you can use as a great source for all the photos you need.

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Now, some of them need your email, others you can use without giving anything in return. For some (like pixabay), you need to type a captcha phrase – if you opt not to register. Overall, these are a high starting point and a valuable source of free photo websites which photos you can use for your projects.

15+ top free photo websites for your online projects


dts free photo websites

Death To Stock website offers a variety of great images for free – as long as you don’t redistribute them. You’re free to take them and do whatever you want with them, adapt them and reproduce, just don’t re-share them as yours. If you find yourself stuck in understanding Terms of use, here’s one in plain English. How it works is that you subscribe to their service and they’ll send you a free DTS pack of photos regularly.

Fancy Crave

Fancy crave free photo websites

The source of free photos, all under Fancycrave License.  There are two new images added daily, and you can choose from 10 different categories, including quotes. All photos are licensed under CC0, which means you can use them even commercially for free.


Vecteezy offers millions of free stock photos, video clips, and vectors. The free license allows resources to be used for personal and commercial projects, but you do need to provide attribution. Vecteezy’s search engine features a number of filtering options to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. The resources you’ll find at Vecteezy are of excellent quality. They manually review each submission before it is added to the site. As a result, you won’t have to browse through lots of low-quality content.

Find a photo

Find a photo free photo websites

A website with thousands of free, also CC0 licensed photos you can freely use for all your projects. For better and more accurate search, you can browse images by color, collection, source and recently uploaded images. Happy searching!

Free food photo

free food photos free photo websites

For all foodies out there, here’s a great food photo source to take a look at. Free Food photos offer high-quality food photographs you can use for print and online. All photos are submitted under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Free jpg

freejpg free photo websites

Both for commercial and editorial use, there are 23 categories for you to choose from on this website. Besides photos, there’s also an option for completely free stock videos, which you can search here.

Good Stock Photos

good stock photos free photo websites

Another good source for free images you can use either for personal or commercial purposes. You can choose from 7 main categories, and one reason to always come back to them is that they publish a new free photo every day.


kaboompics_Woman, laptop, mobile phone, notebooks

One of those sources ladies will like the most. Kaboom pics is the go-to resource for all the femprenuers out there – enough said. But, don’t think there isn’t room for the men, too. Check it out; there’s even a color palette you can download along with the free graphic!



A place with over 350,000 free stock photos which will surely satisfy even the most demanding among you.  Morguefile is a community-based free photo site that was founded all the way back in 1996. Besides the website, they also have a mobile app and various challenges that you can be a part of and contribute to your photo work, too.

New Old Stock

Just as the name suggests, this is a vintage photos website for all those historical and retro projects. All the photos are free of known copyright restrictions and are available under Flickr Commons rules.


pexels free photo websites

Great source of free photos that are being updated with 100 new high-quality images every day. Here, you can browse photos by color, popularity, see what’s trending, on the leaderboard, and more.


picjumbo freephoto websites

Another well-known free photos source with high-quality images offers you to download all images at once (for a small fee). If not, there’s a pretty big base for you to browse through. You can use them for any purpose you like – as long as you don’t sell them or redistribute them.



One of the biggest sources of free stock photos, vectors, and art illustrations, for sure! All of it is released under the CC0 license, and there’s even an Android and iOS app to choose from. Take your time and make your search among more than one million free content!

Public Domain Archive

public domain archive

A source with free public domain images, both modern and vintage ones. They are updating their photo base on a weekly basis so be sure to check them out regularly.


Here, you’ll find hundreds of new free photos every week. All of them are free from copyright restrictions. Stock Photos is a curating website that chooses only the best photo work that there is – so they say. Worth checking out and finding what you need.



There’s hardly a person who hasn’t already heard of Unsplash. A truly great source of high-quality free photos – over 20,000 of them. All taken by talented and generous professional photographers. Find inspiration and all the photos you are looking for at this place.


Another great way for you to look for a perfect image is through one of WordPress’s plugins. ImageInject is an easy and fun to use plugin that searches the Flickr and Pixabay databases for free photos. Check out our article on this and let us know how it worked out for you.

Bonus II:

[26.10.2017.] A few days ago, I received an email from Michael, who introduced me to the new free image library called Pikwizard. They come from Ireland and have a pretty base of photos you can use for free – as long as you check the license agreement (some of them do have a few conditions).

Also, if you find this article helpful, give us a shout-out and bookmark it to save you time the next time you’re on the free photos lookout.




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