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3 ways to lose weight using WordPress


Did you know that there are at least three ways to lose weight using WordPress? Don’t believe us – do read on!

Want to lose some weight or just to stretch your body form long lasting sitting in front of computer and gain some strength, but your time is limited? You need an extra motivation and clear guidelines? We’ll try to explain with this text what is the amount of time you’ll gain for yourself while using Meks themes and, as well, how can you use it, what activities to practice and what will it do to your calorie burn count.

We all love WP, it is the most beautiful CMS! But, it have so many options that one can easily get lost working with it and still not to use all the opportunities.

That’s why we create themes and plugins that already provide as much as possible of the WP advantages and options! Even more, we do it in a way that even a beginner can benefit from WordPress working like a pro and focus on best possible content for the website. Our themes are custom prepared per preferable activity and site purpose, but behind the raw template there are numerous possibilities to customize the site and brand it to your needs. And all that in a very simplified way as we want you to enjoy working with our themes.

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lose weight using WordPress

SO here are three (out of many) examples how Meks themes save your time by providing first class WP themes:

1. Easy customization

To learn basics of HTML/CSS/JAVA it takes minimum 30 days with 3 hours per day work. So in total you need at least 90 working hours just to start coding and for sure at least few months more to become a bit experienced.

With our easy-to-use options you don’t need any coding knowledge and can focus on your website content immediately! Everything is already done and you choose and customize the look of your website without any coding knowledge.

Use these 90 hours to lose some serious calories and become strongest man in the WP community! Here are some examples what are the effects of one hour with some of the most popular activities:

⦁ One hour walking 200 Cal
⦁ One hour Swimming 500 Cal
⦁ One basketball game 550 Cal

(Just to give you an example, what do you “burn” with the activities above, calories in one serving of spaghetti Bolognese is approximately 350 cal)

Image credit: Ryderwear

2. Fast page load & SEO

Most beautiful website and first class content doesn’t mean much if you are not visible. We will talk more on SEO plugin choice that will maximize your content reach, but what we do in Meks is ensuring that all our themes ensure excellent search engine visibility and a great experience for your visitors from the day one! All our themes are mobile friendly and SEO optimized and will save you at least half an hour daily that you would spend on customization of the site and the content (so use it healthy, don’t just sleep half an hour longer)!

30 min aerobics general 230 calories
30 min general bicycling burns 250 Cal
30 min boxing (punching bag) 300 Cal

3. Numerous small victories!

Our themes come with numerous “small” victories that will save you at least 15 min per day each, such as Built in ads system, Smart and flexible image sizes with possibility for customization, More than 500 post layout combinations, Over 150 Post Listing Combinations, Advanced options panel, Easy 1-click updates and much more! These options will allow you use WP opportunities in full from the day one, to personalize your site/blog and business and to prioritize your time without having obstacles coming from the WP site. We took care of it!

Make sure to celebrate healthy life at least these 15 min a day:

15 min Badminton burns 80 Cal
15 min roller-skating 100 Cal
15 min Beach volleyball 120 Cal
15 min KISSING up to 25 Cal, depending on experience level 🙂

Didn’t see that coming now, did you? Let us know how your WordPress knowledge improved and your healthy lifestyle, too.

Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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