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6 most common error codes in WordPress


Having to stumble upon error codes in WordPress indeed isn’t something anything like. Still, those things are here and are giving us quite a headache. But, to defeat them, one needs to know them, right? Which is why I’m writing up the most common error codes in WordPress for you to know and defeat 🙂

6 error codes in WordPress

Error 28

cURL error 28: Connection timed out after n milliseconds

A mistake that isn’t related to WordPress, but rather to the host. This is one of the basic and common server related errors, and it means either of these two things:

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  1. The cache on your server is full, and your host provider should take care of it
  2. Too many files in your /tmp and, again, contact your web host to resolve the issue.

You can read more about Error 28 in the Troubleshooting FAQ.

Error 145

Having error 145 means that you have corrupted or damaged windows system files. You can resolve this issue in two ways, of which one suggests you have advanced computer knowledge. If you have it, then this instruction will solve you the error 145. If not, there’s an automated solution. Just download this Error 145 repair utility, install it, scan the computer, fix errors and it’s done.

Safe to say, before you do anything, make sure to backup your database. Just in case.

error codes in wordpress, this page cannot be displayed warning

Error 403

The common error that says your server permissions don’t allow access to a specific page or resource. More than that, error 403 might show when you try to use an ErrorDocument for handling the request. How to fix it? Well, first of all, backup everything then try to deactivate and reactivate all the plugins you use. If that doesn’t help, you might need the help of your WordPress developer or, if you’re up to it, follow these excellent instructions from WP Beginner and you should be fine.

Error 404

You all know of this one. Error 404 is the one you get when you don’t find something you’re searching for. It’s a common HTTP error that can be easily resolved. Check your URL-s, make sure you have the right redirection if there’s no content for specific links, reload the page if it’s a temporary glitch. You can also delete browser cache and cookies, make sure they’re not causing this error.  If nothing works or you’re not sure, check with the Google Search Console or Dead Link Checker to see what causes the error.  And, for what it worths, you can always get creative with error 404 pages and drive some interest towards you – just look at these good examples 🙂

Error 500

An error that is commonly known as „Internal Server Error“. This means that you have some type of web server error that is not identifiable. What causes this error? You might not have the permission to one or more files or folders. Or there may be some form of coding error or a PHP timeout. Whatever the reason, it’s advisable to contact your web developer, and they’ll know what to do to fix it.

error codesin wordpress contant support warning

Error 503

Another server-based error which shows when the server hosting web service is overloaded or down for maintenance. So, it’s up to your host provider to fix it and, moreover, to tell you in advance when they are updating or repairing the servers. But, sometimes, this error can occur when you have buggy plugins or your theme is out of date and without support so – there’s a thing to check. Also, make sure you are protecting your site from malicious attacks. Sometimes they can cause this error, too.

Just because it’s not up to you to fix them all, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what causes them or how to handle them. Sometimes it helps just to know what it is to ease our minds and calm down. Next time you come across some error codes in WordPress, you’ll know where to go and be informed 🙂


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