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6 reasons to start a business blog with WordPress


Yes, there are tons of articles and blog posts about this topic. And yes, they all try to convince you to start writing a blog for your business. We, on the other hand, won’t try to convince you at all. Instead, we’re sharing (at least) six reasons to start a business blog with WordPress as your go-to writing platform. Bear with us and let us explain in details.

We live in the world where at least 200 million people have some form of ad-blocker installed on their devices. Trying to „sell your business“ through ads and commercials no longer work and that’s a fact. People don’t trust them anymore and that is ok. So, now that we know that, what’s left for us to do? How can we improve our business goals, reach targets, obtain more leads, have more sales? One way – and it is a good way – is to have a business blog. No joke.

#1 Quick and easy to build

Something I often explain to people – if you know how to open Facebook Page or work with Word, you’ll know how to build WordPress blog. From 5-minute-installation to adding all those plugins and widgets to improve the overall impact of your business blog. All that will take no longer than a day to fully set up everything. And all that’s left to do afterward is write!

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#2 Cost

If you choose it, having a business blog with WordPress can cost you just a few dollars! What you pay is hosting and domain name, themes, and plugins come free – if you look them up in depository. That’s the beauty of WordPress – as an open code, there are so many free themes and plugins, and you can really make something special with them. Then again, if you don’t want to do it yourself – you can always choose premium WordPress theme for under a $100 and don’t have to worry about the design or optimization. Or, pay someone to do it and, in which case, the cost can be between few hundred and few thousand dollars.

#3 Limitless content possibilities

Blogging with WordPress gives you more control over your own content. Moreover, it gives you plenty of features to play with your content making it more appealing and approachable to your readers. And, with the coming of Gutenberg Editor, those possibilities become limitless! It’s all about being in control over your writing and showcase it in a way that is both beneficial to you and your readers.

Whether you’re a podcast blogger or a video one, maybe you’re sharing your products/services through images or infographics… Doing all that with WordPress makes all the difference! It’s easy, very well optimized and structured in a way that even a novice can handle it with no trouble! And, for more tips on Gutenberg Editor plugin and its use, take a look at beginners tips on Gutenberg development.

#4 SEO friendly

One of my favorite reasons I love working with WordPress. Because it so well written and structured, Google loves it! WordPress is so SEO friendly and search-engine friendly that one just shouldn’t even think twice whether to use it or not. Furthermore, with the help of the SEO Yoast plugin (as described earlier) you have a win-win situation. Both your business blog and every post will be well optimized and search engine friendly. Which, really, isn’t a case with some of the other CMS’s out there.

#5 Mobile optimized

We live in a world where everything should be mobile first. Heck, mobile everything. Various reports state that in 2017, more traffic came from mobile than desktop and this is important. It means your business blog should be (must be) mobile optimized. Again, thanks to the code itself and various relevant plugins, WordPress is your go-to mobile optimized platform. Knowing that Google favors mobile-friendly sites, this is an o brainer.

And, just in case you’re not sure whether your blog is mobile optimized or not, are few handy tools.

Good to know, especially if you have visitors that don’t stay on your blog regardless of its good content.

#6 Visibility

As mentioned earlier, to have a business blog with WordPress directly improve your visibility. Like we stated in previous chapters, WordPress is SEO and mobile-friendly which directly improve how Google sees you. We all write to be seen, and if you do it on WordPress, you will be seen. How? Because Google loves WordPress. And if Google sees you, so will the internet users. Use WordPress, and you’ll be more than fine in raising your visibility. That, together with the good quality content and a proper SEO that is 🙂

There you go. Starting a business blog with WordPress will be beneficial to your business and, in time, will help you reach your goals. Don’t wait, start building it and if you’re looking for a reliable WordPress theme for it, check out our showcase. Try any of our premium quality WordPress themes and see if it suits your needs before purchasing. Completely risk-free.

Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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