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8 Instagram-worthy places in Belgrade


With WordCamp Europe 2018 only few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to 8 Instagram-worthy places in Belgrade, spots you can’t afford to miss while you’re here.

As you know, WordCamp Europe is considered as the biggest WordPress related conference in this part of the world. This year, it just happens to be organized in our country and beautiful capital city Belgrade. That is why we wanted to share with you some cool and beautifully Instagram-worthy places in Belgrade to explore and have some more fun.

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WordCamp Europe is happening this June; tickets are almost gone so hurry up and take yours. And while you’re planning your trip, here are some of Belgrade’s must-visit spots and places in between conference days 🙂

8 Instagram-worthy places in Belgrade

Ada Ciganlija

One of Belgrade’s must-visit places. Ada Ciganlija or just Ada, also known as Belgrade’s Sea, is a river island just a short drive from the city center. It’s like a genuine oasis within the modern city, a place where both locals and tourists come to spend some good quality time. Multifunctional and diverse, Ada offers a wide variety of things to do. From outdoor activities to bars and restaurants and plenty water sports. Moreover, it is one of the most memorable Instagram-worthy places in the city. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these pics:

instagram worthy places in belgrade ada ciganlija


One of the oldest parts of Serbia’s capital, Dorćol is an urban neighborhood within Stari grad municipality. Once the central part of the city back in the old days, today is a hart of city’s versatile day and nightlife and a living monument with plenty to offer. From Kalemegdan (more on it later) to Danubian coast and all the way to the Knez Mihailova street, Dorćol will make you fall in love with it with a blink of an eye! Charming in its combination of old and modern architecture, with so much specific architecture and historic character. Wherever Dorćol streets lead you, you will surely find many Instagramic places to shoot. And just when you get tired of all the walking and art, there’s plenty of bars and restaurants to rest, take a bite and few drinks.

instagram worthy places in belgrade dorćol


One of Belgrade’s bohemian places, Gardoš is a combination of history and inspiration. Once a homeplace for fishermen, today is pretty rich with its taverns and pubs on every step of the way. Located in the municipality of Zemun, on one of the three hills and above the right bank of the Danube river. Among many exciting and instagramic things in this neighborhood, there is this old Tower on the hill or Gardoš tower. Built way back in 1896 in honor of a thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonian plain now serves as a historical and cultural place for many exhibitions and art shows. And, just to show you how uniquely attractive Gardoš is, there’s a local saying that states:

„God created the world for six days and on the seventh he climbed to Gardoš and got drunk“

instagram worthy places in belgrade gardoš


Described shortly, Kalemegdan is like Belgrade’s Central Park. And so much more. It is the most important historical monument in Serbia’s capital city and a living testimony to the town field dating from 1869. With monuments and memorable places all over the park, Kalemegdan is surely a must-visit spot when you’re in town. From the Belgrade Fortress to Victor monument, to Roman well to several museums, parks, and a city Zoo, it’s highly unlikely you’ll pass this place without having hundreds of photos. And, just to spark your interest some more, there’s a legend that says that Attila’s grave lies right under the very Belgrade Fortress. Can you imagine yourself walking on the very spot where the Attila the great fought and lost his life?

instagram worthy places in belgrade kalemegdan


Forrest oasis and lungs of the city, Košutnjak is Belgrade’s park-forest also known as city’s oxygen factory. Back in 19th century, it was a popular hunting ground for the members of the Obrenović dynasty. Today, it is one of the most popular recreational places in Belgrade. People come here for indoor and outdoor activities, good food and a stunning view of the city. We highly recommend you visit this park-forest and Aleksandar Club – Ski slope for the breathtaking city scenery. Your Instagram account will love it, too, we promise 🙂

instagram worthy places in belgrade košutnjak

Saint Sava Temple

One of those places you will instantly fall in love, that’s how Saint Sava Temple captures you from the very spot. Whether you’re a religious person or not, one thing is certain. Saint Sava Temple is mesmerizing to everyone that lays their eyes on it. Located on the Vračar plateau and dedicated to Saint Sava who was the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It’s built on the location where his relics were burned by the occupying Ottomans. Not only one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world but also one of the largest church buildings worldwide, too. Vogue magazine named it Eastern Europe’s Sagrada Família, and we couldn’t agree more. Just one look at this place, and it’ll be clear why it’s on the list of instagramic places in Belgrade.

instagram worthy places in belgrade saint sava temple


Bohemian old street located in the city center, a place you don’t want to miss for sure! Just as Paris has Saint-Germain-des-Prés known as the neighborhood of poets and writers, Belgrade has Skadarlija street, known as the most bohemian place in the city. Apart from irresistible Instagram-worthy spots, Skadarlija street offers a variety of bars, restaurants, and taverns with live music that satisfy everyone’s taste! Here, you can also find plenty of art galleries, antique and souvenir shops for some travel memorabilia.

instagram worthy places in belgrade skadarlija


Located at the foot of Košutnjak, Topčider Park is another must-visit Belgrade spot. It was once private quarters of Miloš Obrenović, Prince of Serbia. The house he built is today one of the main Belgrade’s attractions, known as Milošev konak or The Residence of Prince Miloš. Not just another historical monument, Milošev konak is also known as the Palace of the Principality of Serbia and building where the Assembly was seated. And right in front of it, there’s an old plane tree, considered as the oldest plane tree in Europe! Nearby, there’s also Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul with a Church Residence, now cultural and historical monument. Plenty to see and shoot with your phone or camera for sure.

instagram worthy places in belgrade topčider

And this is just to spark your imagination and make you wish you’re already here! Belgrade has many more stunning spots to visit and enjoy in. To name just a few more: Botanical Garden, Ušće, Avala, Zvezdara forest…

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We hope this article helps you plan and organize your #WCEU trip to Belgrade. And we can assure you that you’ll have one of a kind experience here, not just during the conference days but also in the city sightseeing. Just bring good mood and enough external chargers for photo equipment. You’ll thank us later for that 🙂


If all this isn’t enough to convince you to come, our whole team will be at the WordCamp Europe. Come and meet us in person, let’s share some knowledge and make good memories!


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