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12 must join Facebook groups for photographers


Whether it’s for constructive feedback or new learnings, these Facebook groups for photographers are a great networking place to be in! Not to mention a chance to land new clients, hang out with like-minded photographers, and more!

And no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, being a part of these groups really benefits your skills, interest, and education. It’s at places like these where I, as a photography lover, often come for inspiration, tutorials, feedback, and more. Which is why I wanted to share this great Facebook groups for photographers I joined and invite you to check them out, too!

Why join photography Facebook groups?

Now, some of you might still wonder why to join photo groups on Facebook, like, is it really that good? Being the most popular social network out there, it’s true that there are quite a few not-so-meaningful group places some might call distraction. However, meaningful niche groups like photography, for instance, only add value and can have a severe impact on its members. Just to name a few reasons to consider joining photography Facebook groups:

  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Learn from the best in this profession
  • Improve your photography skills
  • Find new photography clients
  • Get new photo ideas
  • Showcase your work (which you can build by using our Pinhole theme, perhaps)
  • Offer services

Not to mention you’ll learn more about photo gear and all the tools you can use to improve your hobby or business! If I’ve managed to convince you, here’s the list of some of the best Facebook photo groups for you to join. All of them are groups I’m a member of, and they brought me much knowledge, new ideas and good times, which I hope it will work for you too.

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The best facebook groups for photographers recommendation

Art of portrait photography


Over the years, I kinda found myself doing mostly portrait photography. It’s something I enjoy quite much, just for me and the sake of my friends and family. That’s why I was in search of the specific facebook group for photographers who do portraits and came up joining this group. It’s where I often come for tutorials, lightning and posing tips and all the rest related content.

Moreover, I enjoy learning about editing styles, tools, and software people use and try to learn as much as I can. Highly recommend if portrait photography is your game as well 🙂

Black and White photography


If you’re into the beauty of black and white photography, consider joining this awesome group! Architecture, landscape, nature, portraits, street, abstracts and so much more – all in BW style! Whether you use some photo gear or love shooting with smartphones – all are in – as long as it’s in black and white form. Here you’ll find all sorts of useful tips and tricks, BW photography tutorials and ways to improve your skills.

Build + bloom by Jessica Whitaker


A creative community built around Build + Bloom NGO community that exists as a safe space for young photographers.  This facebook photography group isn’t a place for self-promotion, but a place to give and receive honest insights from outside opinions. And, just as in many other groups, rules to follow are straightforward and simple: no bullying or hate speech, inappropriate posts, and comments. Other than that, all are welcomed to join and interact. The group has almost 60.000 members and who share ideas and tutorials around different types of photography as well as many useful business tips on attracting and working with clients. Not to mention, there are so many lovely inspiring stories behind photo sessions you can easily find yourself scrolling for hours! Hello, procrastination 😀

Digital photography school


This group is created by Digital Photography School as a way to further enhance their value and useful tutorials across social. Here you can share your work, get constructive criticism, and receive valuable info about everything related to digital photography. Tutorials, industry news, useful tips and tricks, as well as constant feedback – if you ask for it. A vast pool of exciting things to learn as well as to promote some of your work.

DSLR Photography beginners


A closed photography group dedicated to sharing knowledge about everything DSLR related. It’s a place for friendly, constructive criticism, sharing knowledge and tips on manual shooting. The primary and only focus of this group is on giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism only. No self-promoting, ad links and similar things, DSLR Photography Beginners is very strict and serve as a place where you improve your work and style through the opinions you receive. Highly recommended group for all the beginners since there’s a pretty active pool of people here who really share their intel and tips in the best interest.

Landscape photography for beginners


A group dedicated to all of you landscape, seascape and cityscape photography lovers, from novices to pros. If you want to learn more about this type of photography, share your tips and tricks, connect with others from a similar industry, this is the group to join. And, to support the newbies, admins only ask to post your settings, location, and time of day to hopefully help the ones newer to this type of photography.

Landscape photography for beginners is a friendly, nonintimidating group where anyone wanting to learn can share their photos or questions without any negativity whatsoever. On top of that, you can also receive opinions and critiques – but only when and if you ask for them and in a positive manner. The group has more than 66,000 members who regularly share their work, tutorials, and useful tips around this photo niche.

Personal brand photography


A great little niche photo group for everyone who wants to learn more about setting business goals, simplifying and improving their work! Jamie M Swanson created this group as a professional photography community, where fellow photographers can learn more about personal branding, grow their business, and connect with other peers. Think of this group as a hub about the business of photography. Here, you’ll learn about how to market yourself, set up a rate for your services, get advice on your photo style and so much more! Also, you can even connect with people from the group in real life, since it’s not rare they often set up casual meetups and hangouts. The beauty of social networking, right?

Photoshop and photography 


A group that started as a place that provides tips and tutorials about Photoshop and photography. Members help each other in growing and improving their skills daily. It’s a place where you can share your photo compositions, ask questions, and learn more about using Photoshop and Lightroom – both of which I self-learn and discover so I find this group very useful! Nonetheless, this isn’t a place where you ask others to fix or retouch your photos for you or ask gear related questions. Photoshop and photography are here to help you get photo related skills, learn about new free events, news, or video tutorials relevant to Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography find all sorts of photo-related value. And, with more than 400,000 members already, plenty of useful material to go through, I promise!

Smal presets


There are many controversial opinions about using presets; I tell you that J Never knew how strong sides either group has around whether to use them or not. Personally, I love presets and have a ton of them on my Lightroom app, not to mention several other great photo editing apps. That is how I discovered this particular facebook photo group. Sven Malojlo is a German photographer who has one of the best presets I ever came across!


So, it was only natural for him to start a community of fellow photographers and devoted users, where they share tips, tutorials, and all kinds of useful stuff. This group is all about Sven’s presets and how to use them, as well as a place where you can receive lots of helpful photo tips and photo editing help. It’s a place where I come when I need new insights and help around editing – both with or without his presets since people here share really useful and usable advice.

Street photography in the world


One of the very first photography groups I’ve joined, mainly because I needed inspiration for my street photography shots. It was somewhere in 2015. I discovered it and became a real source of inspiration, especially around the time I went to the USA for the first time. The group has more than 188,000 members worldwide, and they regularly post stunning street photos from all around the world!

Street photography in the world is an open group, and everyone can join. However, there are a few rules to obey upon entering:

  • One photo a day
  • Don’t share links whatsoever
  • No tags
  • No harmful photos and such.

This group exists as a place for inspiration, new ideas, and learning about all these beautiful worldwide places! It’s highly addictive if you’re into street photography and engaging – people regularly post their thoughts and share all sorts of tips.

The bite shot 


It place for all the foodie lovers photographers! The bite shot is a photo group where you can learn about food photography, ask for opinions and critique, find support, and discover so many useful tips and tutorials. Apart from all this, you’ll find a ton of helpful videos, articles, and gear/editing/styling tips and howtos… Need feedback? You’ll get it here, as well as plenty of relatable tools and props recommendation.


Don’t be surprised if you get pretty hungry along the way 🙂 The images these people post are stunning and, oh so inviting 🙂

Travel photography


This is an open Facebook group where you can share your travel related photos as well as articles and blog posts. Being a sort of international travel forum, it’s helpful to add the details of where the pics are taken, some background story so that people can learn more about it all. I enjoy this group because it helps me discover different ways to make my travel photos, learn more about places I haven’t yet been to and learn more about different people and cultures. A charming and inspiring mixture of all sorts of travel related stuff. Not to mention it gets pretty handy when you need some new and unusual shooting spots across the world – so many of them you’ll discover here!

12 must join Facebook groups for photographers

Wrapping up

As you can see, many of these photography groups offer valuable info, tutorials, and photo related sources to learn and get inspired from. Just as forums back in a day, these Facebook groups for photographers can serve as an infinite pool of new ideas, ways to improve/showcase your work and connect with peers and prospects.

Hope you like this list, feel free to share which group you’ve joined and share this post with your niche friends, too!


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