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14+ best video editing apps that will make your work stand out in 2018


Want to make your videos better and on a budget? Use these video editing apps we tried and chose for you and thank us later 🙂

If you want better results of your videos, these are the best video editing apps to use. And, just like we recommended several pretty useful photo editing apps for your phone, we’re doing the same with the video ones. After testing and retesting a numerous number of apps, these are the very best out there to use for creating and making your videos even better. And, if you’re into vlogging business, then these vlogging tips we covered will help you too. Now, back to our topic here.

The best video editing apps for your smartphone

video editing apps

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Adobe Spark Video

With it, you can make stunning, compelling video stories in minutes. Just add and combine photos, clips, music, and text and see how it all comes together in a beautiful design. Or, put your faith in one of many premade visual styles and see how it all happens along like magic! Spark Video is free to use, and it automatically syncs projects to your Adobe account so you can access them from anywhere.

The only thing: it’s available for iOS phones only.


A convenient app that turns your photos into cool videos in three easy steps! Choose the template, then music and pictures to include into it, and you’re done. Depending on the template, the app will tell you how many images you can include in your slideshow. The app lets you save the video within its library, you can put a title and a date of creating it for future references or if you want to edit it the next time.

There are over 100 styles for you to choose from, use music from its library or upload your own, add captions and text and share it with friends over Social Media. The app itself is completely free but some add-ons cost from $4.99/$9.99 monthly depending on a plan you choose.

Available for iOS phones.


Tell a story in a more accessible manner and enrich your videos with filters, music, stickers, posters and more. Record live videos or import the ones from your phone, as well as photos and create fun and amazing videos to share.

Furthermore, this handy video app lets you create videos with animated captions in real time! And, you can even add voiceovers too! Talk about accessibility, right?

Since it’s an Apple’s products, this app is available for iOS phones only.


Final Cut Pro X

Made for serious videographers, Final Cut Pro X is an extension to the iMovie app. This is full post-production video app that lets you work with your videos great and intuitive ways from start to finish. And, since you can use it on your phone as well as on your Mac, it is a tool that allows you to work both with small and complex projects.

This premium app gives you 30 days free trial to see if it has everything you need to step up your video game.


FilmoraGo is a freemium video editing app that lets you play with titles, filters, and other effects to make your videos that much better. You can even add your own music or record your voice to use within a video. Once created, you can choose to save video or instantly share it on Social.

The premium feature comes with more editing features and free updates, and you can use it on your desktop computer, too.


You can choose between three orientations: square, portrait or landscape. Glimpse lets you record moments with a touch of a button You can maintain multiple Glimpses, the app enables you to add a moment to any Glimpse at any time.

Pro version has no watermark on your work and gives you more control over the job. From changing the lengths of recording your moments to trimming and reordering your moments And, if you’re not satisfied with some part of it or a frame. Also, any future releases are automatically added as they are released.

Available for iOS phones only.


One of the easiest ways to start making movies and vlogs. iMovie comes with more than 20 themes that help you create great HD movies as well as Hollywood-style trailers. Movie based project gives you the ability to combine photos, videos, and music to create your own film while Trailer based project lets you create a template (out of 14 options) for making your own trailer. In it, you get to create an outline and storyboard to make your trailer that much professional and convincing.

Available for iOS phones and Mac computers.



Magisto is more than just a video editing app. It’s like a video Social Network for all the people that use it. Sure, you can explore like a guest, but it’s better to sign in with your Facebook, Google or Email account, choose whether you’ll use it for personal or business purposes and start using it. The free version lets you limited options like up to 10 photos for creating a slideshow or a limited duration of a movie.

Upgrade gives you more features like access to a template gallery, longer movies, premium editing styles, and unlimited movie downloads. The price starts at $4.99/month.

If you want, Magisto can even use your photos and footage to create memory videos for you automatically and for your eyes only.

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a free Android app that has plenty of video effects and tools to make great short video content. You can choose square or 16:9 format and, just like in the other apps, you can play with reordering frames, add text or music and various filters to enhance the overall content. The only downside of the app is you get served with plenty of ads. But hey, a small price to pay for being a free app, right? 😉

Comes for Android phones only.


A video editing app with an all-in-one video camera with really great pro features to make your photos and videos that much better. Filming and editing just got better thanks to this free app. You can use various filters and features in real-time filming and shooting and make great content with it. One of the great things about this app is that it haves highly professional image stabilization feature to help you bring the best of your shooting. Not to mention the Blue Screen mode that lets you change the background of your photos and videos if you want to play even more. Amazing free tool, I tell you.


Excellent video editing app that comes from GoPro guys. It’s fast, adaptable and very versatile and will make great films out of your video and photo content. There are more than 20 video editing styles, you can choose various fonts, music, and formats to play with your stuff. The end result? A lovely interactive video you can save either in 720p or 1080p or share directly on Social.

Pocket Video

An app that lets you easily create and edit videos and vlogs (up to 10 minutes of HD quality) – which is its primary purpose. Add text, animated titles, doodles, stickers and more to make your vlogs pop, and optimize them for your Social Media channels. It works very easy: you can choose from 6 most popular Social Media channels or record custom video, record it, or import premade video or pics from your phone and had fun in editing it. Add title and text, music, stickers and all the things you love having on your clips. The final result will amaze you and with no cost – if you don’t take those in-app commercials in the count.



Videoleapp is a video editing app that lets you mix videos and images into one, add texts and emojis, play and color only parts of your clips and more. Comes with various special effects and editing tools that will make your videos masterpieces.

Pro version gives you the ability to download millions of stock videos and photos from Pixabay and Getty Images. Moreover, it lets you play with your videos more with features like reverse video or audio, kaleido effects, changing the speed of your video and stuff like that.

Available for iOS phones only.

Viva Video

A personal favorite that much so I bought the premium version. Viva Video is all in one video editing app that makes your clips and photos into great pieces of video content. The free version has 5 minute limit for creating videos and a watermark – if you’re ok with that, it’s just fine. If not, Pro version comes with no limits and watermark as well as with many other useful perks and features. Full HD, no ads, over 300 effects, no time limit, just to name the few. The price? Depending on what you choose, $3.12/month or $15,62 for a yearly membership – they have a discount going on these days.

Bonus tips

There are several more apps you can use to play with your content even more. Apps like Snapchat or MSQRD that both come with so many live filters and animations which you can use to make your clips that much more fun.

Hopefully, this research made your choice and pick easier so you can start filming and editing today. Do let us know which one of these apps you find most suited and share your final clips, we’d love to see them! And, just in case you happen to need a new theme for your videos, check out the ones we made. You might find just the one that’s perfect for you 🙂


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