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How to create a minimalist blog using WordPress?

How to create a minimalist blog using WordPress?


But, before we come back to that, let us dive in into this trend of minimalism or, better say, the way of living, right?

Wherever you look nowadays, minimalism is on the rise. It’s much more than a trend, more likely a lifestyle throughout the globe. Modern life, the internet, and all the information are making us feel overwhelmed. It sure feels good to declutter and say good bye to all the things we don’t really need.

“Do you want to change the world? Then change yourself first.”

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– Sri Chinmoy

Like in every other part of life, minimalism can be integrated into your online presence. We’re not talking about hiding away from your Social Media accounts, or chats, or any other form of digital. We’re talking about a minimalist blog, a place where you can make your blog clean and simple, without any distractions, just you and your words.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

For some – and that is becoming an ever growing community over the months – going back to basics, sort of speak, is just that, making their online presence clean, simple and straight to the point. It’s all about the words, especially if you’re using them as a way to tell a story – whether it’s about your business, your hobby, your inner thoughts.

Thanks to WordPress, you can declutter your piece of web and make it beautiful and inviting even without the images.

Typology theme

Not (just) because it’s one of ours, Typology WordPress theme is a great option for starting a minimalist blog and/or for writers. With it, you are instantly getting a blog without images. The theme is highly customizable within few clicks of the button and without a need for any coding knowledge. Of course, if you get stuck in the process, we’re always there to help out. It’s that easy to start a minimalist blog 🙂

The clean and slick design of its homepage is divided into several sections so that all of your content and branding can be represented in best possible way. The theme comes with various layouts, colors and fonts combinations. It also has built in performance options which ensure that your website loads fast and runs smooth.

typology minimalist blog theme

If you’re looking for a theme that is simple, clean and text based, Typology might be the right and obvious choice. Try it out for yourself in the demo section and let us know if it works for you.


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