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Being an important part of almost every WordPress website, Gridlove provides some very nice features for category templates. To set default settings for your categories, go to Theme Options -> Category Template.

Category options provide you with the ability to combine three sets of layouts on a single category template:

  • Cover area – you can optionally choose one of cover area layouts which can display latest, most commented or most visited posts
  • Main layout – it represents the main post listing layout on the category template
  • Combo layout – additionally you can choose one of the available combo layouts to apply above main post listing

Category colors

One of the additional features is the ability to choose a different color for each category in order to achieve better visual separation of articles which belongs to particular categories.

By default, all categories will display the same color inherited from content accent color, but if you want to change it, there is a simple option provided for each category on its edit screen:

Category layout

Also, you have options to change the layout for each category separately, if for any reason you need different layouts for different categories.


Watch an example in this short video:

Category featured image (thumbnail)

Since version 1.7, we have added another option where you can upload a featured image (thumbnail) for each category.  The featured image will be displayed for your categories if you choose to list them inside Category Module.

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