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Post layouts

Gridlove provides several different layouts for post listing. To manage its options, go to Theme Options -> Main Layouts.

Each of the layouts has very similar display options, like choosing whether you want to display category link, metadata, etc… Below is an example of Layout A settings.

On all archive pages as well as in modules (described later), you will find the option to choose one or more available layout sets.

Simple layouts

Below is an example of simple layout sets, where “simple” means that all listed posts have the same layout.

Combo layouts

Combo layout is a predefined set of different post layouts mixed together.


Slider layouts

Slider layout is a predefined set of post layouts that are displayed as a slider (carousel).


Masonry layouts

Introduced in version 1.5, masonry layout is basically very similar to the simple layout, except that it doesn’t force the items to have equal height and will use original image ratio instead.

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