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Knowledge Base Blocks

Knowledge guru theme is a block-based WordPress theme with full support for Gutenberg website editing. This means that if you want to have Home Page like on our demo, you need to have Knowledge Base Blocks and Knowledge Base Custom post type plugins installed and activated.

knowledge base wordpress plugin

Knowledge Base Custom Post Type plugin registers custom post type to manage your Knowledge base articles easily.

knowledge base custom post type plugin

Knowledge Base Blocks plugin contains the following blocks:

  • FAQ Block – Easily add FAQ content to your pages (they are searchable)
  • Category Icon Block – Add an Icon to the Knowledge base category and display Knowledge base articles from a knowledge base
  • Category Image Block – Add an Image to the Knowledge base category and display Knowledge base articles from a knowledge base
  • Category List Block – display Knowledge base posts from category in the form of a list
  • Contact Box – Easily add and design a contact box to your page
  • Search Block – Add and design your unique search form on your knowledge base website pages

knowledge base WordPress blocks

FAQ block

FAQ block will help you to add FAQ content to your pages easily. The block works on an accordion tabs design principle – the answer will appear once the user clicks on that particular FAQ title.

You can this block on your FAQ page, or you can use them in different sections, posts, pages that are not built strictly as a typical FAQ page. For example, you can write a knowledge base article, add a FAQ block below the text, share the most common questions related to that particular article, and answer those questions simultaneously.

Category Icon Block

By default, the Category Icon block will list all your categories in a layout, but this is a powerful tool. You can manage the block layout, category selection, drag and drop categories to achieve the desired order, display category icon, category description, and choose the type of link/button that you would like to see on a category item.

The great thing about Gutenberg blocks is that you can use them anywhere you want to display your categories or certain categories as an item – inside the page, post, knowledge base articles, etc.

Category Image Block

Category image block works on the same principle as Category Icon block, with all its features, but you’re displaying category featured image instead of the icon.


Category List Block

The Category List Block displays your knowledge base categories and articles attached to it in a list inside the category item.


You can manage the layout, categories selection, the number of posts inside the category items, sorting, meta-text, etc.

You can use the block on your front page, posts, pages. It is displaying your knowledge base articles inside category items in a properly organized manner.

Contact Box Clock

The Contact Box Block might be the perfect way to invite your users to get in touch with you as you’re creating a solid community. You can use it as a front-page section, but you can use it very effectively below the article content as well if you’re aiming to start a discussion about a certain topic.

You can change the text, background and text color, button link, appearance, add an image, choose a background image or a video, etc. Therefore, you can also use it as a Call To Action for different purposes. It doesn’t necessarily need to lead your users to your contact page/form.

Search Box Block

The Seach Box Block is an AJAX search block. You can find numerous purposes for it.


You can search for pages, knowledge base articles, posts, etc.

If you are not familiar with WordPress blocks, you can always ask Meks Team for support or take a look at this article.


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