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Recommended Plugins

Shamrock comes with several plugins which will extend the theme basic functionality. They are not required but we warmly recommend you to use them if you want to make the most of the theme features. Go to Appearance -> Shamrock Plugins to install and activate plugins.

All the plugins are hosted on official WordPress repository so you will have access to all upcoming updates, they are 100% free and you can use it on other themes as well.


  • Contact Form 7 – This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, you can use it to create simple or complex contact forms with many powerful settings and features.
  • Force Regenerate Thumbnails – This plugin will help you a lot when you are switching to a new WordPress theme and you already have a website with existing content. You should actually use it for any new theme. You just need to run this plugin once and it will (re)generate all your uploaded image sizes to match your new theme layout. That way your theme will use proper and optimized image sizes and it will improve website performance significantly.
  • Meks time ago plugin – you can automatically display your post dates in “time ago” format like 1 hour ago, 2 weeks ago, etc…
  • Other – more plugin’s features and functionality are described in more detail in Shortcodes and Widgets sections of this documentation.
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