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By default, you have 2 predefined sidebars assigned to each template and 4 sidebars for the footer widgetized area.

  • Default sidebar – predefined sidebar which will be displayed on all templates by default.
  • Default sticky sidebar – predefined sticky sidebar which will be displayed on all templates by default.
  • Footer column 1,2,3,4 – these are predefined sidebars to use in the footer area. Each of them represents one footer column respectively.

Additionally, you may create as many custom sidebars as you need. Go to Theme Options -> Sidebars and use the sidebar generator panel.

After saving the theme options, go to Appearance -> Widgets you will see all predefined and custom sidebars ready for use.

Here is a video from our YouTube channel which can help you to create a custom sidebar:

Standard VS Sticky

Each template allows you to optionally use 2 sidebars, which means you can use only the standard sidebar, only sticky sidebar, or combine these two – one below the other.

“Sticky” means that widgets inside this sidebar will always be visible while scrolling through the website content. This can be very useful when you want to point out some important content on your website, for example, advertisements, newsletter forms, social networks, etc… Sticky sidebars may improve user engagement and conversion significantly.

Sidebar layout

Finally, you will be able to pick any of these sidebars for each page, post or archive template. You can have a right sidebar, left sidebar or a template without sidebar.

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