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Navigation / Menu Setup

Voice uses the standard WordPress menu system for navigation. In order to set up your menus, go to Appearance -> Menus. Please note that certain items, like Posts, are hidden by default in the Screen Options so make sure you have checked it.

You simply need to create your menu and drag and drop pages you want to show. After the menu is created, you need to assign this menu to a specific theme location. Voice theme provides five different theme locations to assign your menus:

  • Main Navigation – This is your main menu navigation.
  • Top Navigation – This is a secondary menu you can optionally use in the header top bar.
  • Social Menu – This is a menu where you should put links to your social profiles. Note that you just need to specify a custom link to your social page i.e. and the Facebook icon will be automatically displayed.
  • Footer Menu – Another secondary menu you can use in the footer/copyright area at the bottom of your website.
  • 404 Menu – Optionally, you can specify another menu to be displayed on your 404 page and point visitors to some useful resources on the website.

Below is an example of a simple menu assigned to Main Navigation:


Watch an example in this short video:

Mega Menus

This theme also provides functionality for so-called “Mega Menus” with which you can get different behavior and style than a standard drop-down menu.

1. Category Mega Menu

Below is an example of using the category link as a mega menu. This means that it will load your category posts in the drop-down area.


Watch an example in this short video:

2. Classic Mega Menu

Below is an example of using the classic mega menu. Basically, you set up this many the same as the standard third-level menu but sub-items will be displayed all at once in one big drop-down area.


Watch an example in this short video:

If you are not familiar with using WordPress menus and its basic setup, there is a great user guide on the official WordPress Codex.

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