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Posts Setup

Voice provides all common WordPress post features and functionality, as well as some more cool features and customization which are described below.

Post Options

First, go to Theme Options -> Single Post section to manage default settings for your posts.


After setting default options for all posts you can go and edit each particular post separately.

Splitting the content / displaying read more link

This is not a specific feature, actually, it is very WordPress common but we have found that many users are not familiar with it so here is a quick explanation.

Usually, most of the users do not want to display entire posts on archive templates but only a few starting lines of the content followed by a “read more” link. This can be achieved with the “More” block properly placed inside your post content, as shown on the image below.

Content VS Excerpt

Please note that splitting the content manually with more tag will work on Layout A only. On other layouts, the content will be limited automatically depending to the number of characters you have specified for each layout in the Theme Options -> Post Layouts section.

Post Layout

You can choose between two main layouts for a single post. You can have a classic look or something more modern with post featured image displayed as a big cover image.


Post Sidebar

Just as for each page, you can set a specific sidebar for each post.


Watch an example in this short video:

Infinite scroll loading

Feature added in version 2.3 gives the ability to enable so-called infinite scroll (infinite loading) behavior for single posts. This means that when you scroll to the end of a post, the next post will be loaded automatically on the same page. You can easily enable it via Theme Options -> Single Post.

Post Formats

This theme also provides support for several built-in post formats, introduced since WordPress version 3.1.

All the posts by default have “Standard” format and it will probably be enough to run a classic WordPress blog for most of the users because it actually supports all the WordPress common features. For something more specific, there are a couple of variations.

The best way to learn how to use post formats with this theme is by checking posts in our demo content, but here is a quick guide for each one.

Audio Post

The audio post usually has an audio block at the beginning of your content.

Gallery Post

Gallery post usually has a gallery at the beginning of your content. You can add some more content bellow created gallery.

Image Post

Image post consists of the featured image only. You can use the content editor to add more content if you want.

Video Post

Video post usually has a video block at the beginning of your content. You can add some more content bellow video, of course.

Paginated/Multi-Page Post

This is also a cool WordPress feature which Voice theme supports. You can split your post content into multiple pages with the

tag and use it as so-called “paginated” post with stylish previous/next pagination.

Standard Post – wrapping up

All these format features previously described are of course supported in standard post format as well. So if you want to show a mixture of galleries, videos, audios, content, etc… in one single post, you will probably want to use standard post format.

This theme is WordPress 5.0 optimized, which means that it uses blocks for content creation. If you want to learn more about WordPress blocks and their features, we suggest you visit this great user guide for using blocks

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