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The easiest way to duplicate a page in WordPress

The easiest way to duplicate a page in WordPress


What are the reasons to duplicate a page in WordPress and how can you do it the easy way?

Now, one might ask why we should duplicate a page in WordPress anyway? Well, the answer is quite simple. How many times did you work on some post or page and created desired layout settings and format which you need to replicate on another page with slight changes only? Or, you are maintaining a WordPress site for a client and don’t want to mess up anything? Maybe the client wants to see the site and make some changes, and you don’t want to jeopardize your work? By knowing how to duplicate a page in WordPress, you’ll save yourself both time and nerves knowing that the client can do what he wants, while the original page is safe and sound.

So, in this article, we’re sharing WordPress copy page tutorial which helps you learn how to copy a page in WordPress in the easiest and quickest ways possible.

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How to duplicate a page in WordPress

In order to learn how to copy a WordPress page, you would either be familiar with coding or know which plugin to choose. And, since we stated that we’d be teaching you the easiest way to duplicate a page, there won’t be a talk about changing the code of your site. No, we will share with you some of the best plugins that you can use to duplicate a page in WordPress. It’s as easy as that, why complicate it?

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Still, there is one thing you should know when doing this trick. Once you’re done working with whatever made you copy a page, you should erase it because of SEO. Google doesn’t like duplicated content and may punish you for it, which is something none of us wants.

3 WordPress plugins for cloning a page

So, to save you time in searching for more than 8 million results on Google, here are our top pics for plugins that duplicate a page in WordPress. Try them out and choose the one that best suits your needs.

WordPress Duplicate Page

duplicate a page in wordpress plugin

You must have heard of this plugin, it lets you duplicate posts, pages and custom posts with a single click! Can’t be more simple than that! With Duplicate Page, you can set up duplicated pages as a draft, private, public and pending. All you need to do is activate it you’ll get a new feature on every post or page called „Duplicate This“. Happy duplicating!

WordPress Duplicate Post

duplicate a page in wordpress duplicate post plugin

Similar to previous one, Duplicate Post allows you to clone any type of post. Also, if you wish, you can opt-in to copy post to drafts for any further editing. Once you activate it, you’ll get two new options within each post title. By clicking the Clone option, you’ll create a duplicate post without opening the original one in the editor,  unlike the New Draft. This other feature will both copy and open the selected post for you to start changing what you wanted. Within its plugin settings, you can choose which elements of the post and page you want to copy. Also, you can define who can make these changes: Administrator, Editor, Author, etc. The very fact that it has more than 6 million downloads gives this plugin the green light for you to use it.


duplicate a page in wordpress plugin duplicator

Cool plugin with fierce name, don’t you think? This is not your ordinary duplicate a post plugin. Duplicator allows you to, not only copy but migrate, move or clone a site from one location to another. More than that, you can use it as a backup utility, too. So, in a situation where you want to make a similar website – for you or your client, this plugin will save you so much time!

So, there you have it. Whether you’re working on your landing pages and want to keep the original template, or you’re redesigning a blog, maybe working for a client, knowing this tip is very useful. Like we said, it will save you time and nerves and can ease you the work process quite a bit.

And, just in case you’re not sure whether you have duplicated content or not, there are some tools that help discover WordPress copy page or pages that are left behind. Tools like:

  • Siteliner, that helps to discover duplicate content, broken links and more
  • Site Audit from SEMrush, for analyzing and on-site issues and improving SEO results
  • Screaming Frog, handy desktop site crawler and audit tool for your website

Hope this tutorial helped you learn how to copy pages in WordPress and if it did, feel free to share it on Social Networks and find us there, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, too.


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