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How to embed Facebook video in WordPress

How to embed Facebook video in WordPress


Learning how to embed Facebook video in WordPress is necessary, whether you have a blog or a business site.

Why is that, you ask? Simply, aside from good old text-based articles, people like to consume content in video form. It’s more interactive, more comfortable (for them), has a different type of value. Facebook knows that, which is why it favors its native videos opposed to the YouTube links.

Before, you would just paste the YouTube link into Facebook and people would interact with it. Today, Facebook wants a piece of YouTube’s marketing share which is why it (kind of) hides it from the viewing and pushes users to upload videos directly to its platform. All the more reasons for you to learn how to embed Facebook video in WordPress.

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But wait, why not just upload video directly to WordPress?

The answer is very simple, actually. Uploading video directly onto your WordPress website costs you your bandwidth. Meaning, every time you upload a video on your website you lose more and more bandwidth, and you need more and more plugins to maintain videos. Ultimately, all of this will increase your server load which will slow down your site. We certainly don’t want that which is why embedding Facebook, YouTube, and other videos is a go-to thing to do. So, do read on this Facebook video embed tutorial.

4 ways to embed Facebook video in WordPress

Knowing tha we’ve decided to share with you 4 ways you can embed Facebook video in WordPress. No coding knowledge necessary, I promise!

1.    Facebook video URL embed

The very basic and easiest way to do it. You just copy the desired Facebook video URL and paste it in the WordPress Visual editor, it will show itself like this:

embed facebook video in wordpress by using urlexample 1

embed facebook video in wordpress by pasting url

And, just like in the case of YouTube URL, you need to paste the original link, not the shortened one.

2.    Facebook video embed shortcode

This option is the one I use on a regular basis. You choose the Facebook video of your choice, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on the Embed option. You’ll open the window within the page with the embed shortcode that you copy (with or without full description, feature 3) and paste it into the text editor, just like this:

embed facebook video in wordpress using shortcode example

Neat, clean, no fuss.

3.    Embedded Video Player Configurator

If there’s any reason these two options don’t work, this next feature will help you get embed Facebook video in WordPress. Either you use video from your Facebook Page, or you came across the one you like on another, you just copy the URL of the video and type the pixel width, click on „Get code“ and voila! You got yourself a Facebook video HTML snippet for embedding!

embed facebook video in wordpress using video player configurator

The same goes for embedding Facebook live video to WordPress (or any other type website). You use Video Player Configurator tool to get embed code for Facebook live video that you then paste onto your blog or site. These are the steps:

  • copy the URL of Facebook Live video you want (right-click on the video and choose “Show Video URL”)
  • paste the URL in the Video Player Configurator
  • define the width of the video
  • get code and emed the Facebook live video to your WordPress blog or site.

4.    Facebook video in WordPress importer plugins

If for any reason, you find these explanations not suited for your needs, you can always use some of the Facebook video embed plugins.

Facebook Video embed 

A Facebook video plugin that helps you use any Facebook video without having to write any code. It uses a shortcode and has a Use Form button set up right on your Visual Editor toolbox so, all you need to do is to paste Facebook Video URL.

WP Embed Facebook

More than 10.000 worldwide websites use this plugin and it has a free and premium option to choose from. You can play with the demo feature and learn more about the pricing on their official site.

So, you see, there are quite a few benefits of knowing how to embed Facebook video in WordPress. From protecting the load time and bandwidth of your site to that marketing moment of promoting your (or your client’s) Facebook Page.


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