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Embed YouTube video in WordPress

Embed YouTube video in WordPress


If the content is King, YouTube videos would be the Queen. All jokes aside, video content is more and more the very type of content no one can do without. And, instead of stuffing your website with heavy videos you’ll need hours to upload, we suggest something different. Much more efficient and user-friendly.

How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress – 3 easy ways

Today we’re talking about how to embed YouTube video in WordPress. No plugins or previous coding experience needed. And no unnecessary site load. Follow our tips and learn how to do it yourself in no time!

1. YouTube video URL embed

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to embed YouTube video in WordPress. You found the video you want to share with your visitors, it goes nicely with the topic you were writing about and want it in it. Simply take the YouTube URL and paste it into your Visual editor, where it’ll show up just like this:

youtube video share options

embed you tube videos in wordpress example

But, in order to work like this, you need to paste it as is, not short coded (you know, by using or

2. YouTube video iframe embed

Another quick and easy way to embed YouTube video in WordPress is by using iframe code. Now, don’t get scared thinking you’re not a coder, you know nothing about it, it can’t be done and stuff… Let me show you how you too can master it, with just a few copy/paste options.

When you find the video you want to share, simply click on the share button and, instead of the link itself, click on the embed option and you’ll get this:

iframe embed youtube video code

Copy that embed link then go to your WordPress editor dashboard, click on the Text option, paste it below the text and the result will be something like this:

iframe embed youtube video in wordpress example

See? No need to have previous coding experience, you already did some HTML and made a YouTube video appear in your article!

3. Taking WordPress video website to the next level

Now, if you want to step it up a bit, I suggest you do something even greater and cooler. Why not take a video based WordPress theme and make your vlogging experience even greater? Vlog is one of the WordPress themes we made especially for the video purposes. It is designed with the focus on all your video content, whether you make it yourself, or use other people’s video clips.

Are you a magazine type of business, DIY crafter, consultant, educator, video storyteller or just beginning your online video journey? Vlog theme will surely help you put your work in best use and have the exposure you need. It’s compatible with all the big video streamers: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others, so you can easily make what you want from your own piece of the web.

Infographic about Vlog WordPress theme

In case you’re thinking Vlog is just another WordPress video theme and they all look alike, let me tell you something. It has more than 200 post layout combination which gives you the opportunity to present your content in (almost) any possible way you want. Just think of how many different and original things you can make and modify! Check out our live preview here, test it for free and let us know what you think.

These are all simple and easy solutions for maximizing your video content efforts. Also, this saves you space and speeds up your website. And, it’s good for SEO. All the things our Vlog already has in it so – what are you waiting for? Grab it and start vlogging from today!


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