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10+ best Facebook groups for bloggers (you may never heard of)


Love it or hate it, one can not do without Facebook these days. More than just a social network, Facebook is a crossroad where private and business life collide, which is why it’s important to use it in our daily tasks. With its regular algorithm changes, Facebook is encouraging us to use it in more frequent and intensive ways. Lately, it obviously wishes both people and businesses to gravitate to blog groups, as a way to connect and engage with the community within a certain topic. So, naturally, today’s post is about Facebook groups for bloggers. Which ones are the best for you to join, what can you expect from them, and why join in the first place. Sit back, grab some coffee or tea and enjoy this reading.

What are blogger groups on Facebook?

Remember forums? Blog groups are exactly that but on Facebook. It’s meant to be a separate space where you can share photos and make plans with just the people you want. Nowadays, it evolved to a sub-forum where people gather around one (or a few) specific topics and ideas. They do that to form a community, discuss relevant matters and/or boost engagement to each other.

Why join a Facebook group for bloggers?

In today’s world, no matter how well you write and how good you’re in telling stories, optimizing content and reaching people that are your audience, help is more than appreciated. And those Facebook groups are just that – help in many ways and forms. Here’s why Facebook groups are so awesome. From promoting your content, listening to other people’s experiences, getting ideas for your next writing… those blogger groups (or promotion groups as they also call them) are a great source and a place to be a part of.

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Why am I such a huge fan of Facebook groups for bloggers?


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced blogger, being a part of these groups, help you give more structure to your blog, connect you with the relevant niche people, help you network and build a name for yourself. Just as WordPress community, Facebook groups exists as a place where people can connect and help each other in a mutually beneficial way. They are huge community-building tools as well as a source for numerous business opportunities. That is why it’s important to pick and choose the ones that suit you, so you start boosting your community and presence even more!

General Facebook groups rules

Each blogging group has its own rules, but there are some general ones you should follow when inside. Don’t be a „link dump“ – a person who uses groups just to self-promote and not engage in any other way. Do this, and you’ll be banned pretty soon. Also, do not provoke or encourage bashing of any kind; be polite and helpful. Don’t spam – whether it’s your content or a curated one. And always, by all means, always take time to read the pinned etiquette post. Admins took time to write it down, the least you can do is read it and oblige by those rules.

The best Facebook groups for bloggers

Now, we all know Facebook is a crowded place, that can have us overwhelmed with the number of groups that are out there. Which one to choose, which are the best ones, what to look in a Facebook group, to begin with? This is why I came up with this Facebook groups list, to help you declutter the space and guide you through choosing the right ones. This list represents the blog groups I’m either a part of or was recommended by other fellow bloggers. Feel free to add the ones you’re a member of if it’s not on the list.

Boss Girl Bloggers

Boss Girl Bloggers Facebook group for bloggers

A particular niche Facebook group for Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion Boss Girl Bloggers to interact, collaborate, & help each other with their growing blog success. A very active blog group with, currently, 31,742 members. So, for all of you who are female bloggers and entrepreneurs, this is a group to be a part of. They also have a branded hashtag, #bossgirlbloggers, as a way to further connect with the likeminded gals all across social networks, not just Facebook.

Blogging Network

Blogging Network facebook groups for bloggers

Blogging Network is a group created to connect bloggers of different genres with each other. A platform for cosmopolitans, for interested and curious people who like to communicate and share topics, opinions, and trends in a stylish and open-minded manner. As of today, they have 31,285 members and are open for a lively exchange of posts, ideas, blog-related tips and tricks.

Blog Support group

Blog Support Group facebook groups for bloggers

An active group of 31,162 members who connect to promote each other’s businesses and not to let anyone down. Whether it’s a blog post, social network posts or a YouTube video, this is a place to share it within, as long as you an active reciprocator.

Boost your blog

Boost Your Blog facebook groups for bloggers

Boost Your Blog is a private Facebook group designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity! It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog. More than a promotional tool, this group works as a forum where you can not only post your blog posts but ask questions, share tips or helping others with their challenges. Lots of interesting and relevant things to find out as well as connect with people since there are almost 40,000 members!

Bloggers promotion

Bloggers Promotion facebook groups for bloggers

Bloggers Promotion is a closed Facebook group where you share your words, images, ideas and creativity with members all around the world. Knowing how challenging it is to start and grow a blog, this group offers support and help in that area. With the help of almost 60,000 members might I add 🙂

Bloggers supporting bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers facebook groups for bloggers

This group is a place to ask questions, share knowledge, make connections, and pass along opportunities that may not be the right fit for you. Furthermore, if you become a member (currently 32,342 active members), you’ll get a chance to be featured as a blogger of the week, as another way to promote your blog and writing. Apart from that, group admins allow the possibility of connecting with advertisers for paid promotion opportunities.

Blogging and earning

Blogging and earning facebook groups for bloggers

A group created some five years ago that has almost 40,000 members. It’s a place dedicated to all type of blog writers, as long as they write in the English language. Here you can share blogging posts, tutorials, relevant info, hangouts, tips, and tricks.

Bloggers world

Bloggers world facebook groups for bloggers

Bloggers World is a Social Media Promotion Group open for all almost all types of Social Media. Not specified on Beauty, Sneakers, Photography, Electronic, and any other niche, this blog group is open for everyone. Everything from asking questions, getting ideas, sharing posts to special announcements – you can share it here. Furthermore, there’s even an option for paid promotion in the form of a business ad – pinned post on the top of the Group page.

Bloggers hub

Bloggers hub facebook groups for bloggers

A group with almost 25,000 members, open for bloggers all across the world and a hub where there are no rules on the number of posts or days when you’re allowed to share anything.  Simply, share what you want, when you want – within reason. People here interact frequently and, more than just sharing, they help each other out with various blog-related issues.

Grow Your Blog

Grow your blog facebook groups for bloggers

A private group dedicated to cross-promotion and traffic engagement. Members (16,060 of them) of this group participate in weekly follow for following, daily comments, Social Media and similar threads that help in engagement, traffic boost, and overall blog visibility.

Blogging boost

Blogging boost facebook groups for bloggers

A Facebook group open for everyone who wants to share posts, learn the ins and outs of working online and engaging with the community. People here gather around daily specific threads and participate in Q&A sections, introductions, surveys and similar.

Blogging for new bloggers

Blogging for new bloggers facebook groups for bloggers

A group for all the blog newbies out there! Blogging for New Bloggers is a supportive community where bloggers connect and grow together. The main purpose of the group is to offer feedback, share tips, participate in discussions and foster collaboration. And there are also daily promo threads with the aim of a mutual blog and Social Media growth. Don’t be shy, join the community of almost 20,000 members here.

Start a money making blog

Start a money making blog facebook groups for bloggers

A group dedicated to those who look to start a professional blog. Pete and Heather Reese from It’s a Lovely Life show you how to get started the right way and avoid some of the common pitfalls for bloggers. So, not your typical self-promotion Facebook group but rather a place for you to learn and get specific ideas on how to monetize a blog (something we covered in our recent article as well).

The best Facebook groups for bloggers


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying Facebook groups are a solid community/traffic/engagement building tool. And a tool that’s still free to use so, why not? Pick and choose the ones you like and start promoting your blog.

Are you in any of the groups we mentioned and are you seeing the effect? Do share if you found some more that aren’t on the list and feel free to share this post to your friends and peers, too.


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