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The best Facebook Groups for SEO to improve your knowledge and rankings

The best Facebook Groups for SEO to improve your knowledge and rankings


Just like in the old days, when people gathered around forums, nowadays, it’s all about Facebook Groups! Bloggers groups, photographers groups, Instagram groups, you name it, there’s a group for any and every niche out there! SEO included. And choosing the right SEO – or any type of group – on Facebook can be a quite of challenge. Just like choosing a WordPress theme – you want only the ones that are safe, reliable and offer the best value. Take it from me; I joined more than 30 of them just to find out which ones bring the best knowledge!

That is why I came up with the idea of writing this hand-picked guide to some of the best, most relevant and active Facebook Groups for SEO. To save you some time and energy, but also to share the very place where I go for SEO related questions and current knowledge.

SEO Facebook Groups benefits

What you don’t know about SEO can and will hurt you. That’s where Facebook Groups for SEO step in. The right ones are the base for new learnings, networking, even business opportunities! With all that in mind, I made a list of the very best SEO Facebook Groups for you to join and keep learning more about how to rank on the first page of Google!

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Now, what qualifies an SEO Facebook Group the best one? I looked at things like:

  • Activity and number of people in the group
  • Type
  • The value of shared content
  • Engagement
  • The owner

All these things are essential in determining whether a Page is valid or not, and worth joining. By vetting the groups and making this list, I saved you a bit of time and energy of searching yourselves. So, you just go through this list and see what each SEO group has to offer, then pick the ones you need the most.

Top 7 Facebook Groups for SEO to learn from

No matter if you’re a novice or an SEO professional, these SEO groups on Facebook are a great way to become more proficient in this industry. These groups provide so much actual value, insights, and information – and all of it for free!

Dumb SEO Questions


  • Total members: 5,623
  • Type: Public Group
  • The Owner: Jim Munro

A forum type of SEO group where the owner and admins share and answer dumb and not-so-dumb SEO questions each week. Moreover, members can share their answers, insights, related articles, and all sorts of tips and tricks. Their members are pretty active, and you can expect to have a lot of steady SEO relevant content to learn from.

What’s not permitted is self-promotion, link spamming or any bad practice sharing, the things like PBN discussion and such. So, it keeps the group spam-free and solely focused on providing valuable SEO knowledge.

Dumb SEO Questions group also has a YouTube channel worth checking out.

Niche Hacks


  • Total members: 52,896
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Stuart Walker

Not the usual SEO related group on Facebook, Niche Hacks is a place to look for trends and new information regarding marketing as well. So, from affiliate marketing business to niche marketing, SEO, and SERP tips, all things digital – this group is a place to be. It started as a support group for the NicheHacks website but today serves as a stand-alone source of equally practical tips.

What’s especially great about this group is you won’t find suspicious or spammy behavior, all the information is considered the top of its class, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy spending time here.

SEO Signals Lab


  • Total members: 46,208
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Steven Kang

Another great spam-free SEO group on Facebook, which is pretty impressive, given the number of members. SEO Signals Lab is a group dedicated to sharing relevant case studies, split-test results, and SEO algorithm trends. What’s great about this group is they actively share the latest SEO related experiments, tried and tested tips and tricks, industry findings, and helpful articles. Steven himself interacts daily with members, actively providing his expertise and knowledge on the platter – for free. Al the other members, moderators, admins as well. It’s safe to say I come to this group daily, that’s how much compelling and relevant content there is 🙂 I mean, just take a look at this excellent GMB Checklist and Roadmap one of the members shared:


Sisters in SEO


  • Total members: 2,689
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Kari DePhillips

One of the newer SEO Facebook Groups, created especially for women in SEO, from newbies to the experienced ones. Sisters in SEO is a supportive group and a place to improve your skills, share interesting and usable insights, success stories, get inspiration, tips, and tricks on a daily basis.

Moreover, it’s a group where you can also get leads, job opportunities, valuable strategies, and numerous practical data to use to elevate your SEO knowledge. Kari is the owner of a digital PR agency in the Netherlands who works with several international brands, so her experience is beyond „just“ SEO. Thus, the group is a space where you can cherry-pick all sorts of useful information.

So, whether you want feedback on a particular issue, or you’re here to pick up some trick from the trade, feel free to join and start asking questions! The group is welcoming and helpful and welcomes women worldwide.

Superstar SEO


  • Total members: 19,357
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Chris M. Walker

What initially started as a self-branding SEO related group of this internet entrepreneur, elevated into valuable space for all the things people want to learn. Superstar SEO is a friendly active Facebook group where you can get answers to your specific questions and situations, read about the latest trends, and interact with many professionals from the industry. Not to mention that Chris alone is very active and share his knowledge, both written and in a video form on a daily basis. And another neet thing I like about this group is his personal sidenote:

Beginner to Advanced Level SEOs are welcome. People that have a problem with that are not.

White Hat SEO Network by Chase Reiner


  • Total members: 19,570
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Chase Reiner

Now, some people would argue that Cheise’s group doesn’t deserve to be on this list. That he’s a fraud, self-made SEO guru or what else. And that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. However, I find this SEO Facebook Group really helpful and useful ever since I joined some year and a half ago. Without going into Chase’s approach, some of the stuff he shares, along with other members, are quite good and valuable. You might not like the person, but this group is a whole different story 🙂 In here, you’ll find all sorts of beginner to advanced SEO techniques and strategies as well as some great tips and tricks.

White Hat SEO


  • Total members: 28,443
  • Type: Closed Group
  • The Owner: Nikolay Stoyanov

Nikolay is a Bulgarian SEO professional whose blog and Facebook page bring lots of value and useful reading material. He initially started this group as a way to provide all the relevant SEO data that he couldn’t find in other groups. So, there’s a lot of material, Q&A, articles, and stats for you to go through. Although there’s a bit of spam looking posts, the group is still a valuable one and worth your time. The members are active and willing to help with their thoughts and insights on the subject.

What’s your choice?

There you have it. These are the very SEO related groups I use to both gather new intel, find something useful, and share my expertise when needed. Hopefully, the time I saved you on searching for the perfect one, you’ll now use to find what you need among them 🙂 And, no matter if you’re just starting or are a superstar SEO, these are the very best Facebook groups for SEO to be a part of.

SEO Facebook groups Pinterest image

And if you need more structured details around On-Page SEO and rankings, these articles might be the perfect ones to start from:

Feel free to share this article with like-minded friends, and also, to let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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