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How to alter text and menu on 404 page in Voice theme

This article explains how to alter or edit content of the 404 page in our Voice WordPress theme. There are two things to alter, the text sentences and small navigation menu that is displayed inside the buttons. See image:

Voice 404 page - edit, change, alter

How to alter text on 404 page in Voice WordPress theme

If you need to alter or edit text / content displayed on 404 error pages in Voice WordPress theme, just navigate to Theme Options -> Translation. See image:

Once you open up Translation page, scroll down to the button of the page until you find 3 last line of option that are controlling text variables on that particular 404 page. See image below:

Edit 404 page text in Voice WordPress theme

Now, just enter your desired text intro the fields and save changes.

How to alter 404 Menu in Voice WordPress theme

Next step is to add or alter 404 page menu that appears in the center of the page. In order to control that menu, navigate back to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menus. Here just look for the 404 menu (if you have imported theme demo you should be able to see the menu already present here) and start editing it. See image:

Edit 404 page text in Voice WordPress theme

As you can see on this image, first step is to create or select 404 menu for editing. Then you can add your desired links and remember to check if the Display location option is set to 404 menu like in the image provided above.


Once you alter or add menu in this way, it will start showing on the 404 page in the middle of the page and you can use this menu to engage the visitors that are landed on 404 page and efficiently redirect them to your most valuable content.

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