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Cover area is missing or not working in Vlog theme

If you have just installed Vlog WordPress theme and the Cover area (The featured area that displays posts in nice-looking layouts just below the main navigation menu) is not showing, don’t panic.

The reason for this could be related to the fact that once you install the theme, you need to set up the Home page that will be assigned as a static page.

Cover area not working after theme installation

In this case we assume that you have only installed the theme and you haven’t imported any demo content yet. Now, you need to create the Home page first, so navigate to WordPress admin -> Pages -> Add new.

Once the page editor opens up, enter the Home Page or name it any way you want. Then take a look at the right sidebar and you should see the widget with the templates and make sure that the Modules template is selected. Once you switch to the Modules template, the Cover area options will be displayed just below the page editor. See image:

So, you can adjust the Cover area setting here and select desired Layout, filter posts based on desired criteria available. Once you alter desired settings save changes to your Home Page.

Now we need to assign that page to the main website page or static page as commonly known. In order to assign the page, navigate to WordPress admin -> Settings -> Reading. Then just select the Home page you just created in the drop-down menu of the “Front page displays” option. See image:

Set Home page as static page

You can now hit the Save changes button and your main website URL should start showing your newly created Home page with Cover area at the top.

Cover area not showing after importing theme demo content

If you have installed the Vlog theme and imported theme demo content right after. The Home page that comes with the demo is entitled “Vlog Home” and it’s already assigned as a static page. So, just navigate to WordPress admin -> Pages -> All Pages.

You can use the search here and enter the words “home” and hit enter. Once the page results are displayed, look for the Home page “Vlog Home” that is marked with the bold text Frontpage. That text Frontpage actually marks the assigned static page for easier access and editing. Open this page for editing and scroll down to the Cover area settings.

Vlog - Cover area settings

As you can see from this image, the default demo imported page is having manually assigned posts inside the Cover area. So, if you have removed the demo posts or somehow they are not present after demo import etc, etc. You just need to remove the posts from this field and make them empty and save changes.

Then head back and check up on the Home page and see if the Cover area is now showing as expected.


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