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How to become a WordPress web designer?

How to become a WordPress web designer?


You might find this article strange around here, but it’s not an accident. Today is Web Designer Day, in which we acknowledge and thank all the people who made the internet a better place. You know, with all these blogs and sites and – of course – WordPress 🙂 (You can find more about this day on this fun informational site).

So, in honor of this special day, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you tips and tricks and tutorials on how to become a WordPress Web Designer. Starting with  the answer to this question:

How does one become a WordPress Web Designer?

Simply, by having a will, strong work ethics and ever growing desire for learning. And this goes for any type of Web Designer, the very basics that you later built on. As the WordPress environment always changes, your skills should follow that, in order to stay competitive and relevant.

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WordPress Web Designer needed skills

  • Visual design knowledge
  • User Experience (UX)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator

These are the minimum of skills and requirements needed for you to start working as a WordPress Web designer. Because, to be a good professional in this line of work, you need to have a creative and technical background or understanding of the matter. And why one might ask? Only because a WordPress Web designer is responsible for making a site both functional and appealing to the visitors.

wordpress web designer mockup examples

Your job, in this case, would be to cover all aspects of creating a website. From designing a website layout to working on SEO to creating website features. Furthermore, as a WordPress Web Designer, you might work on writing and editing content or solving code problems, too. Such a variety of tasks to ensure you’ll never be without work or bored 🙂 And, once you finish your line of work, it’s up to a WordPress developer to code everything the way you designed it. Neet, right?

Having a degree in Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Computer Programming and similar is always a plus, but you can become a WordPress Web designer without it, too. With a little help from us and good old Google 🙂

WordPress Web Designer tutorials

Whether you have some experience or just starting to learn more about WordPress Web Design, a good place to start would be courses and tutorials. To save you time, we found several on that exact topic that we’re sharing with you today.


CSS tutorial by Arket

A good place to start learning about code. Arket tutorial explains the basics of HTML and CSS, why they’re important and how to use them for WordPress Web Design. Once you finish that, you can move on to next courses and tutorials.

CSS basics by HTMLdog

A good guide that teaches you the essentials and puts the very basis you later built on. After you go over it, you have two more tutorials to further upgrade your knowledge.

CSS tutorial by w3schools

From very basics to intermediate and advanced CSS, w3schools offers very detailed tutorials on all the steps toward designing a great WordPress site. Check it out.

How to make a WordPress site

And, just when you get confident enough, take a look at this tutorial and start building and designing a WordPress site!


Equally important part of WordPress Web Design, SEO is a skill that you need to have if you want your site to rank properly. Now, we did write some good WordPress SEO tips meant for bloggers, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go over them. In there, we explained more about what SEO is, how it affects website’s presence on search engines and what are the basics that need to be covered. Check it out and implement all the tips if you want better visibility on Google and other search engines. And, to stay updated and relevant, there’s also an article about top 2018 SEO tips from the YoastCon conference. You know, the company that built only the best (personal opinion) WordPress SEO plugin ever 🙂

SEO fundamentals for Web Designers

Series of SEO-based courses you need to fully optimize a site you’re designing. ’cause, the design is only half of the work, you need to make it pretty for Google, too. And by pretty, we mean optimized by his rules and algorithms. And, that’s where these SEO courses step in.

WordPress Web Design courses

CSS Tutorial For Beginners

envatotuts WordPress related courses

Become a WordPress Web Design Expert Without Any Coding

And, just to boost all that knowledge, there’s also this useful book Web Designer’s guide to WordPress. A very practical guide that will teach you everything from installation to creating and implementing design and more.


If these tips, tutorials, and courses are still a bit heavy, you might want to consider a different approach. Say you want first to learn how to build a website and then go for the design part. These YouTube WordPress tutorials for beginners will guide you through every step of building a site on WordPress. Then, when you get comfortable and good in that role, you might consider upgrading that knowledge to WordPress Web Designer title 🙂

Either way, hope we shared some good and useful information. Feel free to comment on it below and share with your friends so they can learn some new stuff, too!


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