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How to create a personal branding site? Step-by-step DIY guide

How to create a personal branding site? Step-by-step DIY guide


Looking for ways and means to create a personal branding site? Well, look no further because we’re giving away all the how-to’s to do it yourselves!

Whatever type of business or hobby you’re thinking of pursuing, one thing is sure. Each and every one of us is a walking, talking personal brand. And knowing that, in today’s world, it’s essential to have your own webspace to showcase and promote whatever is that you do. So, how to create a personal branding site and all by yourself?

We hope these tips and steps, as well as real-time examples, will help.

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Personal branding interesting stats and facts

There’s this one question that always crosses our minds when thinking about this subject.

How can you stand out from the crowd on the crowded internet?

And the answer is personal branding.

According to Wikipedia, „personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition…“

We’d say it’s how you present, position, and promote yourself in order to self-improve both professionally and income-wise. And with that in mind, here are some concrete and useful stats to help you get the bigger picture of just how important nowadays is to have a personal brand and personal branding site.

So, you see, having a strong, authentic, continuos personal brand is essential for future growth, recognition, and overall prosperity. Help your target audience and prospects know the real you, your skills, knowledge, products, and services the way you want them to. Now, let’s get going and help you build a personal branding site.

How to create a personal branding site by yourselves?

One of the best (if not the best) ways to build yourselves any type of site is, without doubt, with WordPress. As we explained earlier, WordPress is the most used CMS platform in the world (37.8% of all worldwide websites and counting), and even the White House uses it for its site. That alone should be enough for you to choose this platform for your personal branding site. Define your own domain name and choose it wisely than just follow our tips and YouTube videos we shared, and you’ll have your website in almost no time. Then, make a solid plan about what you want your site to have – content-wise, and develop must-have Categories/Pages.

Things that should be included in your personal branding site are:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Products/Services page
  • Testimonials
  • Landing page for specific products/services
  • Contact page

And it’s the same for any type of personal branding site. Speaking of which…

What type of business/hobby/idea could have a personal branding site?

Wondering whether you’re checking all the boxes regarding personal brand? Here are all the types of businesses and ideas you can build a personal brand and a site on.

Personal resume websites

Everyone sends an ordinary CV nowadays, but how about a personal resume website that tells a story in a way you want to tell it to your future employer? Whether as a single-page or multi-page site, personal resume websites are a great way to stand out from the crowd as well as build yourself as a reliable personal brand.

Halpin’s website resume is one of the purest and sweetest personal branding sites we’ve seen. Developed as an impactive yet straightforward landing page site, it communicates very clearly what it is he does, his work and examples, as well as a way to contact him.

This type of resumes shows you are willing to go further and makes you more unique than others, not to mention shows how adaptive and versatile you are. If you’re thinking about building this kind of website resume, we have a perfect WordPress theme for it! AWSM is clean one-page WordPress theme that lets you portray the basics and most important information about yourself in the most straightforward way.

Personal blogs

Although we live in the Social Media era, blogs are far from done. And personal blogs are living their fullest life these days, given the fact that people tend to trust more people than brands and companies. So, what better way to establish yourselves in the industry and niche you’re coming from, than having a personal blog? Whether it’s the travel industry, beauty, and makeup, photography, art, or business, personal blogs are a great way to show your knowledge, credibility and portray the scope of things you can do and/or sell. Just like Ethan Banks, for instance, an IT consultant that blogs about IT for architects and engineers and has his known podcast, a book he co-wrote, as well as his business membership site. All that started from building a personal blog and becoming a personal brand.


And did we mention he does that on Typology, one of our premium WordPress themes that are perfect for building your personal branding site?

Or, maybe you’re a freelance writer who wants to showcase his or her’s work – what better way than to build your personal branding site to display all the things you can paint with words? And if you’re thinking of starting a freelance writing career, these are the tips to follow.

Personal demo websites

Let’s say you’re a designer, a programmer, an illustrator, or a content marketer. Besides a personal blog, you can always create and develop a personal demo website as a way to show your skills and knowledge as a real example. Like a „show, don’t just tell“ kind of way. And what better way to show you how than offering a Leonardi’s personal demo website as an example.


Robby Leonardi is a freelance designer/illustrator/animator from New York who used his skills to create a personal demo site in the form of an animated game. More than a demo and CV, it is a website about his design works that contain website and animated banner ad projects.

Think about what it is you have that sets you apart from others and your competition, then think of ways to portray it through a demo website. And maybe use our Johannes theme that is built as a multi-concept personal blog/magazine WordPress theme that can follow any idea you might have.

Personal portfolios

Nothing like a web portfolio to have all your best works in one place, right? So, instead of having one on someone else’s platform, why not build yourself one? A personal portfolio is your own peace of web where you play by your rules and do things your way. Just like British Contemporary Art, a gallery of the best art at the best prices that has their stock well displayed using one of our premium WordPress themes, Pinhole.


Whether you’re a photographer, a designer, an illustrator, a content producer, think of all the ways you can thrive from having a web portfolio and building a personal branding site that way.


Building a personal branding site shouldn’t be and isn’t hard. As you can see from our tips and examples, in today’s world, it’s all about being yourself and showing your worth that differentiates you from others. Don’t feel intimidated or insecure about having one, as you can see how easy and quick it is to build one. All you need is a bit of will, a plan, and time to start doing it – and by following our advice, you’ll have it the right way. And once you build it, optimize it for your target audience (with our On-Page SEO tips and steps), sit back, and see how they come for inquiries and collaborations.

Have questions and need more information? Write them up in the comment section below.


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