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How to use WordPress for marketing strategy improvement

How to use WordPress for marketing strategy improvement


Today, we’re talking about how to use WordPress for marketing in a way to improve your marketing strategy. No matter what kind of business you’re running, the most important thing for further development is setting the right marketing mix. Easy to say, but what does it mean for business newbies?

Ever heard of 4P’s? No, it’s not Please, Please, Please, Please! It’s Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

4p in how to use WordPress for marketing strategy improvement

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Marketing mix is a tool that helps you to do perfect planning. What is your PRODUCT (how would you explain it to future customers), what are your distribution channels (PLACES where they can find your product), setting the right PRICE for the product and at the end all the activities you will perform so your future customers will hear about your product (PROMOTION).

In today’s world online presence is a must for any business (and online presence is the business! for a lot of people) so WordPress as the ultimate CMS helps you to build up your marketing and business strategy greatly

Let’s go P by P and see where does WordPress fits.

How to use WordPress for marketing strategy improvement

Product definition: goods and/or services offered to customers.

If you are running a mature business, you already have a product. What you need to think about in this case is product lifecycle, product improvements, and future line extensions. If you are a startup with the idea of a product /service than this means proper planning on product variety, quality, design, features, packaging, additional services, and brand name. And even with mature business, you want to screen your product on some of these from time to time.

WordPress puts your product in front of billions faster than ever, with affordable and professionally designed themes. For P as in Product most important benefit from WordPress website is that you are now able to provide an individual solution to any customer. It is a Customer centricity era, and customers do not want just the product, they want to buy value or a solution to their problems. 30 ago it was impossible for small business to reach town next to you, now with a WordPress site, you’re on the other side of the globe in a second and most important you can form and modify your product offering in line with local cultures and customer’s needs.

WordPress benefit: Tailored customer solutions even for small business, not only products.

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Price definition: the amount of money paid by customers for product

A Price we are all paying for some product/service consists two main parts:

  1. Real Cost of the product/service
  2. Profit for the business owner

Real cost includes all that needs to be done to produce, distribute, promote and sell the product. This is where WordPress plays the main role as it cuts your expenses significantly for all stages that influence Real Cost except production. But even in production part, if you are in some service industry like e-learning, eCommerce or advertising & promotion, then WordPress website is a perfect solution to create a professional and reliable business online with low costs. Lowering the real Cost part of the price, the whole price goes down, and you become more competitive on the market.

WordPress benefit: Reducing the price for your product/service by reducing Real Cost and becoming increase competitiveness

Place definition: activities are taken to make a product available to customers

Distribution is the part of the marketing mix (together with promotion) that’s significantly influenced and changed by digital era we live in. WordPress as a perfect tool plays an important role in it. With it, it’s easy to cover the most important availability topics:

  • coverage (the whole world is in front of you)
  • locations (your shop window is in the best position of the WWW pedestrian area)

and, depending on the business model you decide for, other aspects of the Place as well. Let’s say you are in the dropshipping business, for example. You can use all the benefits of WordPress to organize distribution channels, assortments, inventory, transportation and logistics directly from your computer without physical contact with the goods and multiple, long-lasting meetings with distribution management. Furthermore, you can use the same business model to create WordPress print on demand business or affiliate marketing.

In case you’re producing your product with a WordPress, you can start an online store within a day and efficiently provide what customers are looking online.

WordPress benefit: Customers wants the purchase to be as convenient as possible, and WordPress brings your shop directly to their home. Can it be more convenient than that?

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Promotion – Communication of products features and benefits

Communication possibilities are one of the WordPress most reliable features. You can create your website on one of the cheap WordPress themes for as low as 30-60 USD and start in one day with website that is SEO optimized, loved by search engines, customizable without any coding skills (if you know to use Word and Facebook, you know to work with WordPress!), fully integrated with Social platforms, supported by the team behind the them and furthermore, by millions in the WordPress community.

Don’t forget, there are thousands of free plugins you can use to improve your website. Whether is to turn it into a powerful promotional machine or automate your online presence. Or to help you to focus on product features and customer/public relations. Maybe provide the perfect analytics in order to follow up the activities and do some corrective measures when needed. Whatever the idea you have, WordPress can help you develop it.

WordPress benefits: Two-way communication in a real-time, not just plain product promotion.


Working on Marketing Mix in digital era puts particular focus on online presence. WordPress as a must in online presence strategy brings the professionally tailored approach from the very start. Also, the experience of millions of users, different business models to be used online and numerous opportunities in the promotion.

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Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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