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Integrating Google Photos in WordPress

Integrating Google Photos in WordPress


With this creative feature, integrating Google photos in WordPress is beneficial to all the users, and for several reasons. But, before we get there, let me explain how this cool synergy works.

A few weeks ago, WordPress broke the news on its blog stating that „we can browse, search, and copy photos from your Google account right from your blog post and pages.“. How this function works, you ask? No complication at all, if you have a Google account and a or .org blog or website, you’re good to go!

How does integrating Google Photos in WordPress work?

When you log into your WordPress website, right in the Media Library you will find an option to choose to use photos from your Google library. Of course, you’ll need to connect to your Google account when you use this feature for the first time. As simple as that! And from that moment, your worries about how to search the photos for your articles are all gone. The next time you’re preparing the post, simple access the Media Library and choose the pictures you saved in your Google library.

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google search integrating google photos in WordPress

And that’s not all! Aside from photos, you can also upload any videos you might have within your own Google photos account. If you have that in your plan, that is. But, the value of this integration doesn’t stop here. By having this cool feature, you can use smart image searching that Google photos have. And, what do we mean by that? Well, Google photos can recognize what’s on the image and where it was taken, and all you need to do is type the keyword in the search to get to the specific image photo to use. How cool is that, right?

This handy feature is both on disposal for .com and self-hosted WordPress users. Integrating Google photos in WordPress is available with the Jetpack plugin.


Just think of all the time you can now save, knowing that the photos for the next blog post or article are there within one click of the button. And if you don’t have any pics of your own, just use the ones you can find among free photo website sources we recently wrote about.

Have you used this feature yet? Also, if you’re still thinking over whether to get Jetpack, this feature can prevail you to, right? Let us know what you think of it, share within the comment.



Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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