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Landing page WordPress themes for your business

Landing page WordPress themes for your business


Aah, landing page. The pillar of digital marketing, business campaigns and lead converting magnet. Everyone needs one, whether you’re selling apps, language courses, sharing e-book or whatever product/service you have. A landing page is a very thing that sets you apart from the competition and helps you get more leads, more sells and more profit.

Knowing that it is very important to make and have – not just good – but, excellent landing page. And, how do you do it?

There is a pretty impressive base of landing page WordPress themes and templates for you to choose from, but (there’s always a but). Before choosing the right landing page for your business, you really need to know what are the core elements an excellent landing page needs to have. In one of our articles, we told you how to make it like a boss, now we’re upgrading and giving more advice.

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101 on landing pages

A landing page is, usually, a single web page that is designed to advertise and convince people to try/buy/order your business/product/service. And, by saying „advertise“ we don’t mean the classic way, it needs to be in a way to solve people’s problem and offer them a solution while asking for something in return. A sign-up, purchase or whatever it is you’re trying to give/sell. With all that in mind, here are the elements every landing page must have in order to give you the ROI you expect.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

1. Headline

Knowing that we don’t get the second chance for the first impression, your headline needs to deliver, and deliver much. Whether you’re selling computers, makeup, or giving away your new e-book, the headline needs to be clear and to resolve any issue people might have.

For example, „Tired of unreliable and slow computers? Boost your productivity and be better in what you do with our laptops!“

2. Copy

Just like in a headline itself, the copy needs to answer people’s needs, to deliver a promise by explaining those well known 5 W:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

For example: „Get a free e-book on Digital Marketing secrets from me when you purchase an annual membership to all courses within 30 minutes and you’ll get instant access to 3 new business classes – for free!“

Also, your copy needs to be well understandable or, what’s known as KISS:


Don’t use hard to understand words, phrases that aren’t well known. Instead, tell people what problem or issue you will solve for them and deliver that promise.

3. Form and CTA

When asking people for their information, ask only what you really need. Don’t ask them for full name, occupation, date of birth and/or other irrelevant information. The only thing you need is a name and email that’s it. Feed them with too much info to include and they’ll go away without signing, no matter how the product/service you’re offering is good.

By keeping things easy and simple, you are on a good path to increase conversion rate – and that’s what we want, right?

Also, keep in mind that CTA needs to be very clear and well understood and always –and we mean always – include an opt out option.

4. Responsiveness

In today’s era of mobile first, you don’t have the luxury of not having a responsive landing page. Whether you’re making your landing page from scratch or going for a theme/template, you simply must make it responsive. What you see on your desktop needs to be well scaled and presented on mobile. Period. If it’s not – there goes your conversions.

Landing page WordPress themes examples

Now that we’ve explained all that, here are some landing page WordPress themes you can choose to use for your business:

#1 Flatpack

flatpack landing page wordpress themes example

This landing page theme or page builder is one of the most popular ones since it comes with 26 different styles and numerous integration options. Even if you know nothing about code, you can still use it with ease and in few minutes. For more details, look them up at ThemeForest.

#2 Startuply

startuply landing page wordpress themes examples

A multi-purpose, responsive landing page with 25+ total pages and 10+HTML forms. You can use it for start-ups or IT companies, look it up and see if it suits you.

#3 Lista

lista landing page wordpress themes examples

If you are a newsletter kind a person than this landing page form is the right thing for you! Lista is a landing page template ideal for newsletter sign ups and/or free download sections of your website. Responsive and versatile, look it up on ThemeForest, too.

#4 Off the shelf

off the shelf landing page wordpress themes examples

Writing e-books, whitepapers, case studies or more? Then this landing page is the very one you need. Comes in responsive design, unlimited color options and fully customizable. Just what you need for representing your online work.

Off course, these are just some of the great examples of landing page WordPress themes and page builders. For more, visit ThemeForest and start searching! In the meantime, share this article on Social Media if you find it valuable, thanks!


And, did you know that, with the help of few plugins, you can transform our AWSM theme to a landing page?




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