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Meks’s top 10 WordPress related posts in 2018

Meks’s top 10 WordPress related posts in 2018


Something we established last year, setting up the top 10 WordPress related posts that drove the most attention and value to you.

There’s been quite an interesting year that 2018 in the WordPress ecosystem, we can all agree 🙂 5.0 update and Gutenberg Editor were the top highlights of 2018 yet, those weren’t the topics of much interest to you, our dear readers. Instead, you wanted to learn about more specific things and solve quite direct issues, all which we’re sharing in this recap article.

So, what were the top 10 WordPress related posts that provided the most value to you over the last year?

We’re proud to say, these ten posts alone drove us almost 30.000 visits from more than 25.000 unique visitors! Moreover, they were shared more than times on Social networks, which just goes to show how valuable you find the content we write and share on our blog. It also gives us the boost and more confidence to keep going with it, knowing we do it right 🙂

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So, here goes, these were the most read WordPress related posts from our blog in 2018. May they help you even more in 2019 🙂

1.Embed facebook video in WordPress

Our most read post from 2018. We were really happy with the response and followed up we gained from this one. Cause, you want your blogs and sites to be fast running which is why this guide is the perfect type of help to support you in that. You get to have the video you need without damaging your site loading time – which would happen if you were to upload a video directly onto your site.

2. Change WordPress date format to time ago

Oldie but goodie how-to type of post that helps you resolve an irritating issue like date format is sometimes. If you blog often and on a regular basis, this tip is still current and will show you how to change your date format – well, to – time ago 🙂

3. Top 5 WordPress plugins for statistics

One of our older posts that we updated and improved for 2018 which provided you with much-needed help n deciding which statistics plugin to use. There is 5 top of the top plugins to help you track your results and help you optimize them for search engines. Feel free to share which one did you choose. Change your post date format to time ago.

4. Where to find free public domain music for your video audio projects

Just because it’s on Google doesn’t mean it’s free. So, this post is solid gold on finding the music you need for your projects for free! A worthy bookmark piece for sure 🙂

5. How to do print on demand with WordPress

As one of the drop shipping types of business, print on demand was (and still is) quite popular among entrepreneurs. So, naturally, our guide on how to start one with WordPress gained attraction and helped so many of you to focus and create needed steps to start your own business. If that’s something you’re looking forward to doing this year, start from reading this post and let us know how it worked out.

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6. Seo plugins for WordPress

When it comes to SEO, the market is so saturated and overwhelmed it took us a bit by surprise this post ended among the most read WordPress related posts. But knowing how much effort and knowledge we’ve put in it to not only recommend the best plugins but also explain On-Page SEO, it wasn’t that much of a surprise J It’s one of those must-read SEO related articles, we promise!

7. Using WordPress without blog right away

A must-read piece for all of you who are the non-blog type of people. Sometimes, all you want is a business type of website without the blog, or a simple presentation, just a few static pages and so on. So, you see a theme you like that comes with a blog and what do you do? Insert a piece of code shared in this post, and you’re safe in the eyes of WordPress and Google altogether without hurting your SEO. You’re welcome 🙂

8. The easiest way to duplicate a page in WordPress

One of those do-it-yourself type of posts that helped you manage specific tasks on your own. Cloning a page by yourselves easily and quickly, with the help of a reliable plugin. No coding needed whatsoever.

9. Cheap WordPress themes

Why wait on special occasion deals or Black Friday to get the premium quality on a bargain price, right? If only there were a solution to have it all in one place, without having to look for it yourselves… Which is exactly what we shared with you in this article and helped so many of you buy the premium theme on a discount price! No wonder it ended on this list!

10. Integrating Google Photos in WordPress

Although it isn’t a 2018 piece, this post still managed to stay among the top 10 most read WordPress related articles because – Google Photos are a great upgrade to WordPress management. Such a relief to have this type of collaboration, knowing that you can use any of your pics from Google Photos to your blogs and sites. If you still haven’t set up this feature, this article shows you how.

10 most read WordPress related posts in 2018

Wrapping up

As we can see from the list itself, 2018 for Meks’s blog was all about helping you learn and finish specific WordPress related tasks. And we’re more than ready to deliver the same (or even better) value in this year as well. If there’s any topic you want to learn more from that we didn’t cover, feel free to share it in the comment section, and we’ll get back at you with just the thing you need.


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