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Must have marketing WordPress plugins

Must have marketing WordPress plugins


From contact forms, spam protection to newsletters, testimonials, and SEO, marketing WordPress plugins serve the purpose of helping you in your day-to-day work. Knowing that there are over 50.000 plugins, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which one to choose. Luckily, you need to sweat no more. Just take a look at our recommendation and use the free time for what you do best – marketing.

The goal of having marketing WordPress plugins is to save time and be more efficient. Whether they automate some of your tasks or help you by shortening the workflow, these recommendations are carefully selected to improve and maximize your performance.

Must have marketing WordPress plugins

1. Akismet

marketing wordpress plugins akismet

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One of the essential plugins every site needs to have. We all know how annoying spam comments can be. Akismet is the type of plugin that keeps them out of your way, filtering all misleading links and spammy comments. Why worry and double check every day, when you can automate the whole process?

2. Contact Form 7

marketing wordpress plugins contact form 7

As described in our recent article, Contact Form 7 is your go-to plugin for having a proper contact form on your website. It’s reliable user interaction tool, highly usable and completely free. Also, this is a plugin that is 100% aligned with all of our themes so, no worry there, too.

3. Editorial Calendar

marketing wordpress plugins editorial calendar

Google Drive, spreadsheets, Word documents… no wonder why we get sometimes lost, not knowing where’s what. Editorial calendar is here to help you have everything in one place and right where you need it. This plugin organizes your blog/content schedule and simplifies your life.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

marketing wordpress plugins gadwp

Always good to have actionable insights from Google Analytics right in your website dashboard. For your day-to-day tasks and tracking, you don’t need to go to the GA account, GADWP serves you everything within your site. With this plugin, you’ll get real-time reports of:

  • number of visitors
  • acquisition channels
  • traffic sources details

as well as in-depth Page and Post reports for further segmentation of your analytics data.

5. Jetpack

marketing wordpress plugins jetpack

Have all the relevant marketing and business data around your website in one place. Through Jetpack you get insights of your site stats and analytics, schedule social media posting in advance, secure your website from data loss, hacking and much more. Great support for your marketing and business goals.

6. MailChimp for WordPress

marketing wordpress plugins mailchimp for wordpress

Still one of the most effective ways to interact with your targeted audience and get valuable leads, newsletter is something every marketer should have. And if you use MailChimp, then this plugin is a must-have. Simply connect your MailChimp account and gain control over the form fields and newsletter in no time.

7. OptinMonster

marketing wordpress plugins optinmonster

Everything from split testing forms, pop-ups, sidebar forms, floating headers (and more!) you can do using OptinMonster, a premium plugin for successful visitors conversion. Use it to both grow your email list and boost sales. One of the best lead generation tools you should check out.

8. Postmatic

marketing wordpress plugins postmatic

We all agree user comments are as valuable as any other insights. They show us if we’re good enough or not, they help shape our marketing (and business) goals and keep engagement live. Good way to keep constructive conversation going which is why you need solid commenting tool. What’s different for this comment system is that you can answer all your site comments from within your inbox! So, no more logging in to your site, looking for that comment to reply. Instead, you’ll receive an email with a new comment and if you wish, reply to it directly from the inbox. All those social logins, passwords and similar time consuming tasks are wiped out. Just choose whether you want free or premium option and that’s that. Neat, right?

9. Testimonials Widget

marketing wordpress plugins testimonials widget

Knowing that our customers are the best advocates, having testimonials on the website is a go-to tool. Testimonials Widget you can not only showcase customer experiences but also display reviews, quotes or projects too. And, in the time when video is on the rise, you can include it in testimonials instead or with images and text. Very versatile customizable plugin that will come in handy.

10. Title Experiments

marketing wordpress plugins title experiments

Great tool for your headline A/B testing. Use it to decide which one best fits your needs, improve clickthrough rates and convert more leads. Simple and effective plugin that will improve your marketing efforts and SEO.

11. WordPress to Buffer

marketing wordpress plugins wordpress to buffer

To improve your marketing efforts you need the power of Social and it’s a fact. Now, to reduce the time you spend on Social, WP to Buffer is a great plugin tool that automate the process of sharing your website content. Now you can share updates to your Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts in no time.

12. Yoast SEO

marketing wordpress plugins yoast seo

A personal favorite, Yoast SEO is the right tool for optimizing your online content. The user, Google and WordPress friendly, Yoast SEO guides you through all the optimizing process and helps you polish content for search engines and readers. Very easy to use, you don’t need any SEO knowledge and yet highly professional and useful for advanced users.

Did we miss any of your go-to plugins? You can check them out in our must-have WordPress blogger plugins or drop us a comment to include it, thanks.


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