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Do you really need a niche WordPress theme?

Do you really need a niche WordPress theme?


Often when looking at WordPress themes (both free and premium), it’s hard to imagine that a theme can be missing from the market. ThemeForest currently has over 25 000 theme templates available. However, have you ever focused on a particular niche and missed out on finding a theme suited for you. There are all sorts of themes out there, some catering to travel websites, others to restaurants, but what kind of themes are missing from the market?

Rather than searching for themes that are made just for one type of website, why not invest in a theme that can create websites for different purposes. Themes that are customizable are usually of higher quality, and one theme can look very different with a few changes.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Voice real-life website examples

Voice is perhaps our most popular theme and with good reason too. It’s a theme that is primarily designed for magazines, publishing, and to support a website that caters to online news. Indeed it is bought for this purpose. A good example of how Voice has been styled as a online magazine theme can be seen with Medium Magazine.

Take a look at the Medium homepage.

niche WordPress theme

Medium Magazine has really made the most out of this themes’ features. You can see great use of different layouts (as well as a combination of layouts in one module), post sliders and widgets.

Here is an example of a single post on Medium.

niche WordPress theme

The same theme is equally well utilized for the Madden School website. If you are a fan of american football, you will certainly appreciate this example. Voice, in this case, has been used to focus on photos and videos.

Same theme different story – Madden School homepage.

niche WordPress theme

Voice isn’t only focused on text and interview type posts, it can support high quality video footage and photographs. This website consists of different playoffs, offense and defense tactics. Here it’s more important to see the action, than read about it. Madden School makes the most out of different post types.

Here is an example of a single post on Madden School.

niche WordPress theme

American football website, and Dutch magazine don’t have much if anything in common, except one thing: Voice WordPress theme.

If you want to use Voice to make your unique website, you can buy it here.

If you are still unsure of the customizability of themes, and how one theme can really transport a website from one type to another, here is another theme example.

Herald real-life website examples

I have picked another magazine orientated theme, because I want to show you more examples of just what you can do with one of these themes. Herald, is also one of our popular themes and it has over 500 article listing variations, as well as advanced additions with no coding knowledge requirement.

Herald offers post, featured and text modules, which makes it possible for you to create an unlimited number of different pages for your websites.

Can a News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme be well suited for a personal blog? YES.

The Herald theme has in this instance been used by Scott, the financial rockstar, to showcase his skills. Scott’s main focus is on selling his services, helping people get out of debt and start earning money the right way.

Here is an example of his homepage.

niche WordPress theme

Scott has taken advantage of the magazine theme for his personal blog by being able to customize his post layouts, as well as the featured post bar. He also introduced an advertising widget that integrates easily into the theme.

Take a look at Scott’s single post example.

niche WordPress theme

He makes his posts look more professional by laying them out as online magazine articles, making the most out of the Herald theme to present himself as a qualified finance advisor. He also has the smart author widget that appears on all posts.

Next time you search for personal blog themes, think again, because a magazine theme can more than fulfill your personal blog needs.

Let’s take a look at what a magazine theme looks like when used for the purpose of an online magazine that focuses on photographs rather than text. Our final example is Ideas & Homes, a website that shows different types of homes, their decoration and style.

Take a look at their homepage.

niche WordPress theme

What makes the Herald theme great for this type of website is a large number of layout option that show featured images in many dimensions. This makes the website look more dynamic.

When looking at a house or flat in detail, Ideas & Homes use a sentence or two to inform their users where the location is, and the style in question. Most of the website is photographs of the homes, so it’s important to have a photo friendly theme.

Here is a single post example for Ideas & Homes.

niche WordPress theme

This single post includes the posting time, comments, view count and social sharing on the left hand side. This is a great addition when you want to interact more with your users.

Same theme for a personal blog and a photo focused magazine. A well developed theme like the Herald, can be adapted and applied to more than one niche.

Summing Up

When looking at a theme, don’t focus on the stock photography in the theme demo or that specific layout, because that is just one example of how that theme can look. Even Winston Churchill said “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see”, and this couldn’t be more true in the case of choosing your WordPress theme. All that a niche theme is, is one theme designed for a specific market. It doesn’t take into account post layouts, headers, categories or other theme features.

Just from the examples above you can see how different websites have been made from one theme, so I recommend you invest some time in researching the theme features and exploring all of the themes possibilities. The theme demo is only one example of what you can do with that theme, it’s up to you to make the most out of what the theme offers to create your own niche websites.


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