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Publishing in WordPress – the right way to drive business success

Publishing in WordPress – the right way to drive business success


Have you ever wondered if publishing in WordPress is more than just blogging? Not that blogging itself is wrong but, have you considered WordPress a platform for a way to do business?

Recently, there was the very first WordCamp niche held in Denver, and it was all about publishing in WordPress. An informal conference where speakers and attendees gathered around the particular idea and cause:

Publishing in WordPress.

The primary focus of the WordCamp in Denver was to get people closer to use WordPress as a severe publishing tool, encourage them to use it for their publications,  get more familiar with this open source platform.

As we know, more than 28% of all websites runs on WordPress. Some of the most significant publishing companies run on WordPress. New York Post, The Herald Sun, Le Monde are just some of the names using WordPress as their go-to publishing platform. And, for a good reason. WordPress is a user-friendly, free open source platform that is responsive and optimized and packed with so many features, plugins and widgets to make your publishing stand out.

With that in mind, for all of you interested in publishing in WordPress, WordCamp Denver uploaded all the talks to their YouTube channel. It is a source of many values for all of you in the publishing business.

Eager to learn how to create newsletters in WordPress? Here’s a story how one creative studio did just that:

Interested to find out how to manage multiple websites on WordPress? A piece of cake, if you listen to the talk given by Meagan Ball from Tribune Media:

Overall, if your line of work involves internet and writing, these talks should be on your must-watch list. Whether you’re a newbie or have previous experience in the field, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of valuable lessons to implement in your future work.

And, if you need some more convincing, read about seven highlights from one of the WordCamp’s attendees, Steph Yiu. When you’re done with reading, move over to watch all the talks, here:


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Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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