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Useful rank tracking plugin and tools recommendation to improve your WordPress website SEO

Useful rank tracking plugin and tools recommendation to improve your WordPress website SEO


Are you looking for a reliable rank tracking plugin to track your rankings on search engines and improve SEO strategy? Here is our top recommendation!

Whatever you do online needs to be tracked and analyzed, so you know if it performs well or not. Rank tracking is and should be a vital part of your WordPress content marketing strategy to help you attract and drive the right people to your site. Thus, convert them into your customers and service users. If you use WordPress, there are plenty of tools to help you conduct thorough research and improve and polish your SEO campaign and strategy. That being said, let us cover the basics of rank tracking itself.

What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is a method of tracing relevant keywords and phrases that are used online, whether by you, your competitors or target audience. This method reveals whether your content converts well and attracts the right audience. Because you can have an exceptional piece of content, with so much useful information, but… If it’s ranked with a wrong keyword, the one that no one searches for – what’s the use of it? Both for you and your target audience? Thus, rank tracking is essential for your business since it keeps you focused and in place to do the right things at the right time for the right people.

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Rank tracking SEO benefits

  • What are the most relevant keywords that have high volume and low competition?
  • What keywords does your competition use to rank, and how can you top them?
  • What are the phrases your target audience use to find something online?

The answers to all of these questions come from rank tracking.  As such, it is a crucial part of SEO and content marketing strategy.

The best rank tracking plugin recommendation

Now, there are plenty of posts and articles out there with their own rank tracking plugin recommendation. The main difference between those and ours is – the plugins we recommend are all checked out and still active today. No fear of using outdated plugins or crashing your website when you click to activate it and things like that.

So, dig in and read about all the benefits and features, knowing that, whatever you choose, will work for you.



Rankie is a premium rank checker plugin for WordPress that tracks daily your keywords rankings. Apart from that, it comes with a useful research tool that gives you insights on what keywords people use while searching. How’s that for the inside information to build your content around, right?

Some of the key features are:

  • Tracking keywords that rank on Google
  • Keyword research tool
  • Ranking reports
  • Auto tracking of searched keywords
  • Easy filtering, and more.

The price is $21 for a regular single-use license.

Rank Math


Advertised as the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO, this plugin is pretty advanced in features but comes with a learning curve.

To use it, you’ll need to create a free Rank Math account. Use either Facebook or Google mail login option, and you’ll receive your credentials to sign in to the plugin, upon installation.  Then, you’ll need to go over six steps to configure the plugin details /learning curve/ or skip all and go to the dashboard. There you’ll find all you need to know to use this powerful SEO plugin.


Regarding rank tracking, Rank Math can help you track keywords through Search Console, and perform an SEO analysis of your WordPress site. Moreover, you can import all the settings from Yoast SEO and All In One SEO, as well as:

  • Google crawl errors
  • Make rich snippets of your content
  • Automate link building and more!

A very promising SEO and rank tracking plugin, especially knowing that more features are coming, such as Google Keyword Rank Tracking! And did we mention it’s free?



Textmetrics is a free rank tracking plugin that gives you access to realtime SEO suggestions, Keyword analysis, and research. To use it, you’ll just need to register a free Textmetrics starter account and to login with that credentials to the plugin itself. The free Starter account comes with these features:

  • 10 keyword analysis per month
    Basic optimization rules
    Store 1 optimized page

What’s cool about this plugin is it integrates with the WordPress editor sou you instantly get suggestions on how to improve your content while you write. Moreover, it analyzes the content and shares more useful SEO tips so you can rank better. Keyword analyzer helps you find the best keywords for your topics, which will improve your visibility on search engines.


Pro version comes with more tracking features and keyword analysis. The price depends on usage and organization size, and it’s recommended you contact the company for more details.

Wincher Rank Tracking

A simple freemium rank tracking plugin that helps you track all your keywords and phrases, as well as keep track of your competitors. Simple as in the quick and easy installation and set up process, no learning curve, clean and easy to use interface.

Wincher Rank Tracking lets you track:

  • Unlimited number of keywords
  • Up to 5 competitors
  • Weekly update
  • Ranking history graphs
  • Generate CSV and PDF reports, and more!


Pro version has more features like:

  • Keyword grouping
  • Ranking alerts
  • Data export and PDF reporting and more

The price starts at €6 per month, and you can start with a 14-day free trial.

Additional rank tracking tools

Apart from the plugins we mention, there are plenty of other rank tracking tools to use to help you discover where and how you’re ranking online. Some free, some premium but every one of them does excellent work in helping you rank better and provide more value with your content.


The wider audience knows Ahrefs as a backlink checker, which is a vast understatement. Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that not only gives insights on backlinking but also does:

  • Keyword research
  • Content research
  • Competitive comparison
  • Site audit
  • Broken link checker

and so much more!


Once you set up an account and type the domain to track, you’ll get in the world of fantastic data that helps you set up and implement a serious SEO strategy. Data like:

  • Domain rating
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • Organic traffic
  • Traffic value
  • Organic keywords

as well as plenty more sub-features inside every one of those.

All these features help you conduct a detailed plan for better content creation, thus better rankings. The price for this great tool starts at $99 per month, and there’s 7 days for $7 tryout offer to get to know the tool before subscribing.


A well known and popular rank tracking program that helps you create well-targeted content, that is highly optimized and checked for the most relevant keywords. It helps you not only check for rankings and find new keywords to rank for but also do competitive research, SEO audit, look for outreach (backlinking) opportunities, and more!

The Position Tracking feature gives you insights for target keyword in the Google top 100 organic and paid results. Simply register account, type in the domain and let Semrush do its magic:


For more details of this feature, head over to position tracking overview manual and learn all there is to it.

The price for this tool starts at $99.95 per months, which gives you, among other things, 500 keywords to track, 10.000 results per report and 3.000 reports per day.



SerpBook is a premium rank checker tool that analyzes the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the given queries. It’s a detailed SEO reporting tool that’s very simple to use, and it helps you track ranking not only on Google but also:

  • Google Maps,
  • YouTube,
  • Regional keywords
  • Local keywords
  • Mobile keyword tracking

and more!

SerpBook is popular among marketers because, above all mentioned, lets you create white-label reports, which are excellent for client reporting.

The price starts from $52/month, which gives you, among other things, 250 keywords tracked and 250 daily on-demand updates.



SerpRobot /former SerpLab/ is a free Google SERP Checker that helps you discover how your site ranks in real-time. Simply fill in the form and let it run an audit for you. Enter the details like:

  • Your region
  • Domain name
  • Keywords to check (as many as you like)

To get instant data on how you stand with your content on Google. Couldn’t be easier to use, you get all the data on the same page you enter the details.

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Wrapping up: which rank tracking plugin to use?

Depending on your knowledge, needs, and budget, you can now choose among the best tools there are. If you’re looking for a free rank tracker plugin, then go with the Wincher. If you want the best one, look no further than Rankie. What’s great about these plugins and tools is you can use them, side by side, with the SEO plugins for WordPress to get the best possible results.

At the end of the day, these 4x rank checker plugins are the top of the top. All of them are tried and tested, work perfectly providing you the most relevant, valuable results. And if you need more, then choose from the additional tool list we provided. Our personal best – Ahrefs, always 🙂

Feel free to share this article and let us know which of the rank tracking plugins you chose in the comments below.


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