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Remove an action or a filter hook added within a class in WordPress

Remove an action or a filter hook added within a class in WordPress


As many of you probably know, WordPress has an ability to remove actions and filters added via add_action() and add_filter() functions. This can be easily done with a simple call of remove_action() or remove_filter() function. Here is a quick usage example:

Let’s say that there is a plugin registering an action and a filter:

And you want to remove them via your theme (or a plugin), for any reason. You just use this:

That was easy, right? But the real problem may appear if action is registered in a plugin within its own class. Take a look at the example below:

Using remove_action() if action hook is added within a class

Since action is registered within a class, you must use the class object in order to access its hooks. In the example below, there is an elegant way to remove the action hook.

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Using remove_action() if class doesn’t have an instance

If a class doesn’t have an instance for any reason (i.e. a static class), use its name instead of an instance:

Bonus tip: priorities must match

Interesting thing is that if a priority parameter is used while adding an action, remove_action() call must have the same priority argument in order to remove the action properly. Take a look:

So, in this case, you should use the same “57” priority parameter on action removal:

That’s it developers! Hope this one was helpful so feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Bojan Petrovic

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