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Explore the Tokyo surroundings

Explore the Tokyo surroundings

David Lowe chose Johannes, one of Meks’ WordPress themes, to create, a WordPress website about hiking trails around Tokyo.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is David Lowe I grew up in Melbourne, Australia but have been living in Japan since 2007, first in a small town in Fukushima Prefecture and now in Tokyo where I teach English to high school students. I have a passion for outdoor adventure, photography, and love exploring new places especially around the Greater Tokyo Area.

What’s the story behind your website?

I blog about hiking in Japan though my personal website Ridgeline Images which focuses on hiking and the outdoors. Japan is one of the world’s premier hiking destinations. It has old-growth forests, rugged mountains, wilderness and plenty of wildlife. A great place to start exploring this nature is on the outskirts of Tokyo. The main reason for getting the website started was frustration with the lack of information in English on hiking trails around Tokyo.

Since writing my first blog post in January 2013, I have published more than 70 detailed hike reports in addition to numerous posts about the exploration of outdoor ruins, hiking, and sightseeing. Writing a blog provides a lot of pleasure and I enjoy the opportunity to document and share my experiences with my readers.

Why did you decide to use one of Meks’ WordPress themes?

What initially attracted me to Meks was the chance to try their WordPress themes for free first using a test website. It’s a terrific feature as you can try-before-you-buy to make sure it meets your needs as well as save time by allowing you to familiarize yourself with the customizations before activating the theme. Another reason is their highly rated customer support. On occasions when I’ve needed assistance, they have gladly helped out with any problems in a timely manner which I really appreciate.

Which specific feature do you enjoy the most?

To differentiate and stand out from the crowd, WordPress developers need not only professional and well-coded themes but ones that can be easily customized. Currently, I’m using Johannes which uses the built-in WordPress customizer allowing a ‘live preview’ of changes made to the theme’s settings on the fly. This makes things a ton easier as you can configure the website’s identity, appearance, post options, and menus within a very simple interface.

Anything else you would like to add based on your experience with Meks as a company?

Given my positive experience with Meks I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a look at their themes. Whether you’re a newbie building a blog for the first time or a budding WordPress specialist their class-leading themes have you well-covered.

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