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From notebooks to digital

From notebooks to digital

Simone van den Berg chose Opinion, one of Meks’ WordPress themes, to create, a WordPress website about her travel adventures.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Simone and I am a food and travel photographer from the Netherlands. I love to travel and discover new cultures and – most importantly – new flavors around the world. I’m fascinated with the food and customs in the different countries in the world.

What’s the story behind your website?

I’ve had a very popular Dutch food and travel blog ( for a long time but I felt the need to write more about travel. The audience that likes travel info is not always the same as the audience that is looking for a recipe. And while the two certainly work well together I also wanted something a little more international which is how Paper Travel ( was born. The name comes from the fact that I used to write all our travel adventures in endless rows of notebooks. Since the digital age, those notebooks have shifted from paper to digital. But I thought the name was a nice reference to the start.

Why did you decide to use one of Meks’ WordPress themes?

I love the Meks themes. I’ve previously used the Herald theme as well which I think was easy to use and great look and quality. And when Opinion came out I thought it was specifically well suited for a travel blog. I was looking for something that was flexible, easy to use and beautiful to look at.

Which specific feature do you enjoy the most?

I love the ease of use of the modules. It’s very simple to create custom pages with whatever categories you want to highlight. I have made pages for regions and countries and will make one for cities as well soon. I also love the beautiful cover images, the fact that you can customize each post or page separately and just the overall flexibility of the theme. And the looks of course. It’s beautiful and easy to use. Perfect combination!

Anything else you would like to add based on your experience with Meks as a company?

Apart from the high-quality themes I also think the support is top-notch. I’ve had a couple of issues in the beginning when setting up the theme and replies were always prompt and within 24 hours. So I’d highly recommend any of the themes!

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