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The best blog name generator tools for your blog

The best blog name generator tools for your blog


We’ve all been there, that’s for sure, asking ourselves:

What should I name my blog?

Lacking on inspiration (or will) to come up with that perfect /domain/ name for our blog. Speaking of the domain, you might wanna check out our recent article on that topic – choosing the right domain name for your business.  Can’t write a blog without a domain name and a proper website, right? 🙂

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But, blog name generator is much more than just a tool for finding the perfect domain name. You can use it to come up with all sorts of cool and catchy post titles, too. Pretty handy tool for all the times you just can’t think of any good headline for your posts.

Anyway, blog names generator is a tool that helps you how to name a blog or a website. It works like this:

  1. You define the topic of your blog
  2. Research relevant keywords
  3. Type them in the blog name generator

The result of these steps is that you get a vast number of suggestions for your blog name. Which one will you choose is up to you, all you need to do is check if the given result is free. If it is, you get yourself an exceptional, creative and unique domain for your blog or a website. So, whether it’s lifestyle blog names, travel blog names or whatever other niche, these generators are the tools to use.

But wait, is this all?

Not quite. There are few more things to consider when naming a blog. Let me guide you through the steps and share with you the ones I use.

First of all, you don’t want it to be long or hard to understand. The good blog name is short, catchy and easy to remember. Also, the easier the blog name is, the easier it is for people to find you through search engines. Not to mention that, among more than 500 million blogs, you need all the help you can get to stand out. And that is where a blog names generator tool comes in handy. Personal blog name ideas, cute blog names, fun blog names; a good tool can help you define the proper one.

Second – and this is not mandatory, when creating a blog name should include a relevant keyword – but only if it’s in a natural and meaningful way. Also, think of your blog as a brand. When naming your blog, you want to create such name for it that will be memorable as a brand. Whether it’s your name/nickname, the type of topic you are covering, the line of work you’re in.

Third, think of the type of domain name extension you want to use. For a blog, .org, .gov, .int sure aren’t the right choice. If you can find a .com that is free – good for you! If not, try for a local one and/or .info, .me, .net, .blog and similar.

Using the blog name generator, you will get a list of clever, creative, diverse, unique and cool name ideas you can later check if they are available for purchase. All you need now is to know which one to use, right? Here are some of my picks.

5 + 1 blog name generator tools

1. Panabee

blog name generator panabee

Funny Panda-like blog names generator that was recommended to me by my developer colleague. It is a simple tool that gives you suggestions based on your desired words. Moreover, if the desired term is taken, Panabee will provide you with similar suggestions and related terms to spark your interest and give you more ideas. And that’s not all. With Panabee, you will get a list of full domain options, with the feature to check options and prices. Also, with this tool, you can check for Social Media usernames, too. Cool, right?

2. Name Mesh

blog name generator name mesh

Another great blog name generator tool. Slightly different, equally useful. Name Mesh comes with a pretty neat categorization of your search for the right blog name. Once you type the keyword or a phrase, Name Mesh will give you a vast number of blog name suggestions, including the SEO ones! Do check it out; it is quite useful.

3. Cool name ideas

blog name generator cool name ideas

This blog name generator is slightly different and doesn’t let the simplicity of its design fool you! Once you’re on it, you’ll see the three boxes to fill. One for the word or a phrase, the other for your blog topic and the last one is to search for available domain extension. So, if you are, for instance, a WordPress developer and you want to start writing about your knowledge, you write that as a phrase. In the second box, you would choose Tech – Computer – IT – Software category and lastly the desired domain. Once you do that, you’ll get the available domain names you can double check.

4. Nameboy

blog name generator nameboy

Like the previous tools, this one too helps you find your perfect blog name. But, what enhances your search is that Nameboy lets you see domain names that are available for resale. On top of that, you can search for the blog name in hyphens or rhyme if you like. And that’s not all! With Nameboy, you can keep track and manage your own domains – all in one place. Trust me, between my husband and myself and our uncontrolled domain buying, this one is a life saviour! 🙂

5. PickyDomains

blog name generator pickydomains

If you are undecided or hesitate on deciding by yourself, this blog name generator tool is the No1 for you! PickyDomains has a vast number of community members (just like WordPress community!) that can help you pick and choose the right blog name for you. The process is quite simple. You register on their site, describe what it is you’re looking for in a blog name and let people from the community pick you suggestions. The only catch is that you need to pay $50 – but only if you like the job they’ve done /as stated on their website/.

6. Domain Wheel

Something very new and fresh in the name generator industry. Domain Wheel is a tool that provides you suggestions with the human element to ensure the best results. It works as a domain name generator as well as the tool that helps you find relatable keyword ideas. All you need to do is type a word or a phrase and the site will provide you with the detailed list of free domains and keyword suggestions. All within one page. It can come handy when searching for your next blog topic.


There you have it. With these blog name generator tools, the half of the blogging business is done. The other half is to find a fast, responsive, SEO friendly CMS platform to build your blog on. And, guess what? WordPress is all that – and more! On top of that, we at Meks have quite a few Premium WordPress themes to choose from. Check them out in our Themes section and see live examples in our Showcase category.

Hope you’ll find this article helpful. If so, feel free to share it and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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