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Meet Trawell – the newest WordPress travel theme

Meet Trawell – the newest WordPress travel theme


WordPress today is much more than just another blogging platform. It became a powerful tool that helps portray your business and/or hobby in the appealing and meaningful way. In travel business as in any other type of business, to have a reliable piece of the web where you can build your stories on. So, when thinking about it, what do one travel blog or website needs?

WordPress travel theme challenges and needs

Simply, you would want to have your travel blog or guide website well designed, well structured, informative and fun. Moreover, it would need to customizable for all the different types of content and destinations you are covering. Also, it would need to be very pleasant to look at and very easy to use. Last but not the least, it would have to have social media integration for building a community and increasing visibility. And, maybe one of the biggest struggles would be… How to choose the right one knowing that there are so many travel-based themes out there? That is where our newest premium quality WordPress travel theme steps in.

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How Trawell helps travel businesses and blogs

First things first, there was one question that was challenging us when it comes to travel. And it was: how can we help you deliver the most valuable travel experience to your readers and community? To answer that, we searched for challenges, issues, and problems any travel-based blogger and website owner has. We tried to figure out how our premium WordPress travel theme can fulfill that needs. Then, after careful consideration, lots of brainstorming and various work, we came up with our newest theme – Trawell.

Trawell is designed to help its users create unique and stunning travel-based blog or site. Use it, and you won’t have to worry about being unique, uninterested or non-responsive for sure! We made Trawell as a premium WordPress theme that provides UX simplicity, is beautiful to look at and very professional with all the features, plugins and widgets that come with it. With Trawell, we wanted to provide you with this beautiful and very usable storytelling tool that only enhances your travel memories and business.

What Trawell can offer

trawell WordPress travel theme

Like all our themes, Trawell to is very user-friendly, supports your content whatever type it may be. Whatever taste you have regarding the style, usability or look of your travel blog, Trawell successfully suits every one of them. And, regardless of the level of knowledge you have of WordPress, it’s easy to install it with just a few clicks. If despite all this, you still have difficulty getting involved, our professional WordPress support is only one email away from you!

new WordPress travel theme Trawell

We designed Trawell with three types of travel-based business in mind:

  • WordPress travel blog (for travel bloggers, personal websites or influencers)
  • WordPress travel guide (for destination guides, travel tips & SEO travel websites)
  • WordPress travel directory (for city and location guides, with Google Maps integration)

With that in mind, we created quite a few features that are supposed to answer every travel blogger needs. Starting from fully responsive, predefined travel-specific templates, to highly customizable categories, unlimited font & color options to play with. We also made very effective Google Maps integration plugin just for Trawell that we later made publicly free for everyone to use.

WordPress travel theme with Easy Maps plugin

Thinking about monetizing features? We created predefined ad slots you can use easily use as a way to have steady passive income. And these are just some of the cool and useful features that come with Trawell theme. Look up for a full list of advantages on our site.

Looking for your next WordPress travel theme?

Share your memories in a better way. Share your travel adventures, writings, tips and tricks with the world through Trawell. Make it the most enjoyable experience both for your readers and yourselves.

WordPress travel theme Trawell unlimited customization features infographic

And, just in case you’re not quite yet convinced, we have this very cool offer for you. Just test drive it for completely free and see if it suits your needs. Sign up with your email, and you’ll get yourself a test website to practice and experience what we described for yourself.

Let us know how you have liked it and what can we do to help even more! 🙂


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