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The top 8 WordPress Project Management plugins

The top 8 WordPress Project Management plugins


As WordPress now powers more than 33% of worldwide websites and continues to grow, it’s only natural the business around it will grow too. That means designers, developers, e-commerce owners, content creators – anyone who uses WordPress will need a tool /or tools/ to monitor, track and evaluate his or her projects.

We all need to successfully streamline our process, have it defined from start to finish and, moreover, have a reliable tool to help us track it. So, whether you’re an accountant, have an online shop or doing freelance projects, instead of doing your project management manually, let’s see how it can be improved and more efficient.

How to track your project management progress?

Well, one way would be to use spreadsheets, have questionnaires and surveys, feedback forms (like the ones Google Form has) and similar. Only, these are the backdated ways that takes too much planning and time, which makes your progress slow. Just as you chose WordPress as a core platform to build your business on, you should do the same by selecting the right project management plugins. And talking about WordPress, can’t goes further without mentioning our premium quality themes designed specifically to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re a freelancer, a photographer, writer or a travel blogger, maybe a business owner – go over to our Themes category and see if any of our themes fits your needs. No obligations, test it free for seven days and then decide 🙂

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So, if you’re building your business on WordPress as a core platform, then why not use some reliable and relevant project management plugins? With that in mind, we researched the WordPress project management plugins and found the best ones you should choose from.

8 best WordPress project management plugins

Now, in order to select the right project management plugins, first, you need to define what you measure. What would be the KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators, both quantitive and qualitative metrics? Duration, cost, the scope of work, expectations, happiness and such. Identify them, so your tracking and measuring is relevant and aligned with the whole process.

WP Project Manager


A freemium WordPress project management plugin and one of the best on the market. With it, you can create, organize and/or assign projects to your team members, as well as keep track of progress. Furthermore, you can even assign specific tasks and documents and track all the stages. Some of the great features include:

  • Team collaboration
  • Built-in file sharing option
  • Personal board for all users
  • To-do list
  • Milestone

And more!

What’s good about this plugin, you can test it before installing it. Simply log in to the demo page, using the demo as username and pass and try it out before deciding.


Pro version comes with a built-in private messenger, linking feature, deadline management, frontend support, subtask and more. The price starts at $79/a year, and it’s worth checking out.



A free plugin for all the BuddyPress users that helps you manage and track your project management tasks. It’s simple and easy to use and comes with these set of features:

  • A progress bar for each project
  • Ability to assign multiple users for each task
  • Smart task sorting (based on priority and deadline)
  • Task filtering

Moreover, TaskBreaker project management plugin is built as and add-on for BuddyPress so you can even assign a BuddyPress Group into a project. So, if you have any type of community-based website and use BuddyPress, this is a plugin for you.



UpStream is another free project management plugin that comes with some Premium Extensions. A free version is a tool that allows you to manage any type of project from within your WordPress site. Whether it’s to track your team members progress or your client’s and they get to see it from the front-end view, it’s a handy tool. Some of the main features are:

  • Project Discussion thread
  • Milestones and Tasks
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Statuses
  • Built-in Roles
  • Developer Friendly

They too have a demo version you can try before making any decision.


Simply register with your name and email address and have fun getting to know all the options and features.



Another project management/client dashboard plugin that helps you streamline your project process. Use it to help your team members (or yourself) have a clear picture and focus on what needs to be done. Project Panorama is a customizable project management plugin that relly on visual-based help which makes your project tasks and workload easily trackable. Some of the main features are:

  • Progress bar option
  • Embed option to include project into the WordPress theme
  • Milestones
  • Custom project types
  • Cloning tool (if you have multiple projects)

There’s also a premium version that has much more features like multiple-site use, email support, premium add-ons, sequential tasks and more. The price starts at $59 for a single domain.

SP Project & Document Manager


Store your unlimited project files, documents and folders all in one place. SP Project & Document Manager is a free plugin that helps you track and store multiple files categorized by the number of your clients or tasks. The only limitation is the size of your server. You can even give your clients the ability to upload their documents, files and manage them with you overlooking. Cool, right? Some of the free features this plugin offers are:

  • Zip files in an archive
  • No limit to file upload
  • Add links a file
  • Each user get their own file repository
  • WordPress user roles integration

Premium version has more capabilities like:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Amazon s3 integration as an addon
  • Remove branding
  • Custom file list templates

and more!

The price starts at $75 for a single site license.



If you are familiar with Trello, working with Kanban will be peace of cake 🙂 This is a mobile friendly project management plugin that you can use to do CRM, track sales, lead agile project management, schedule content publishing, maintain editorial calendar and more. Some of the main features are:

  • Easy installation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Board customization
  • Project time estimation

This plugin has lots of extra features that are available as paid add-ons, to name a few:

  • Task comments
  • Advanced user management
  • Notifications
  • Multiple boards

The price is $149/a year or $499 for lifetime ownership.



An Enterprise Resource Planning project management plugin that helps you manage not only projects but also HRM, CRM and accounting tasks! Not a classic project management plugin but much more. WP ERP is a plugin that serves as a Human Resource helper, and a complete company profile management tool. It comes with thee pre-built core modules:

  • WP HRM System (Human Resource Management)
  • WP CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)
  • WordPress Accounting System

Some of the main features are:

  • Company information management
  • Employment tracking and managing
  • Manage locations
  • Manage holidays
  • Adding and listing departments and designations
  • Customers and subscribers management
  • Total cash revenue overview
  • Company’s expenses tracking

and so much more.

And if all that isn’t quite enough, there are plenty of premium add-ons to buy, like:

  • Payment Gateway
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Custom Field Builder
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll and more.

BONUS – Project management tips

Couldn’t finish this article without sharing some tips for project management success, right? 🙂 It’s all about planning and organizing, so these tips are merely a reminder to stay on track. Some of them you already know but overlook, and some will be a surprise.


You need to be a skilled communicator in order to understand and run projects successfully. Understanding people and their needs, what ticks them, in what department they’re good and in what not, so that project itself doesn’t suffer. Good communication skill is essential for working with people on projects. Moreover, it helps you set clear and easily understanding targets, project phases ensuring the project will be on the right track. Also, that means you are a good problem-solving person, able to work under pressure and are a great team builder.


Goals setting

The project objective should be precisely defined, clear and consistent, realistic, achievable, measurable and time defined if you want it to work. Without clear goals you can’t track them, understand its process or realize will it succeed and how. So, do your SMART analysis and set clear goals.


Sounds redundant to say, but planning is essential in order for your project to work. It’s the very basis of any successful project management, and it requires extensive, detailed preparation. Project scope, time planning, budget, risk, human resources, communication – all that and more needs to come in consideration even before you start your project. Multitasking? Yes, all this requires you juggle with so many different things, but then again, who said project management would be easy 😉


Another essential skill you need to run and manage a thriving project. Because, once your project is in progress, you need to monitor and track it and compare the results. Why? So you can measure the outcome, adjust the plan if required, change what needs to be replaced to have an efficient project. Also, knowing how to collect and translate all the data helps you get a clear picture and evaluate the project better.

The top 8 WordPress project management plugins

Final thoughts

Feel free to use these tips when you get stuck with the workflow or in those procrastinating moments to get back on track. And do share your thoughts about what other tips you use to master your project management skills! Also, if you liked this article, we ask you to share it on Social and recommend it to your friends, thanks!


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