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Top WordPress bloggers to follow and learn from in 2019

Top WordPress bloggers to follow and learn from in 2019


Once upon a time I was a WordPress newbie and wanted to learn my way around this platform. As such, I really didn’t have almost any knowledge about it, other than it made my life and online business much easier than Joomla I used to have before it. So, one of the first things I did was to search industry bloggers, to see what they write about, what they share, how they learned what was now ahead of me.


Now, this is not one of those list blog posts for the sake of rankings and mentionings. No. Given the fact that WordPress covers more than a third of the worldwide websites, it’s only natural there are thousands of WordPress bloggers and other professionals out there. Pretty easy to come up with any type of lists about them. But this post is about my personal choice of people from that environment, people who in a way helped me shape my – first blogger’s, now professional path as an (apart from digital marketing) WordPress consultant. Figuring, if they helped me (and they did!), no reason not to share them with all of you to improve your knowledge and skills too. So, sit back and enjoy this WordPress knowledge ride I’m sharing with you 🙂

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Top WordPress bloggers to follow and learn from in 2019

Alice Elliot

alice elliot top wordpress bloggersI first came across Alice’s blog back in a day while searching for beginners’ tips for newbie WordPress bloggers. Her tone of voice and easy explanations were exactly what I needed then, so I stuck around and tracked her writing. Her blog is packed with good advice for novice WordPress bloggers and no matter if you’re young or old, man or a woman, Alice’s blog Fairy Blog Mother is one of those you keep in the bookmark section for sure!

Ana Segota

ana segota top wordpress bloggersA lovely gal with a sparkling personality, Ana is one of those persons who really light you up. Whether it’s her writing, her talent, the everlasting pool of ideas she develops over time. I initially started following her on Twitter and later on stumbled upon her blog and occasionally visit it when I need some tips and tricks on the niche things she covers – with her design or advice she shares. Ana is a web and graphic designer who shares her knowledge and helps people from the blog, charity, or food niche.

Andrea Middleton

andrea middleton top wordpress bloggersIf you ever wondered about what makes WordPress community so special, Andrea is a go-to person with all the answers! A lady that lives and breathes community, a woman who I admired even before I had the chance of meeting her in person. And once I did, oh boy, the talk she gave during WCEU in Paris… So exceptional, so deep and honest and inspiring, she talked about how communities are built, and it really moved me. Made me make a similar talk about my role within the community and why I love being a part of it 🙂

Andrea is a woman whose blog may not be 100% of WordPress related, but the way she writes and shares her life’s and work’s moments, letting us behind the scene, it shows us bits and pieces about what community purpose is, and not only in WordPress ecosystem. I come to her blog occasionally when I want deeper meanings and deep thoughts; her posts relax me, offer a fresh look at things and inspire me. As a working mother, it’s reassuring to see wonderful women doing great things with their life, apart from parenting and taking care of the house. And translated to the WordPress, Andrea comes off as a godmother to us all, basically 🙂

Bob Dunn

bob dunn top wordpress bloggersEven as an absolute newbie, I knew about Bob Dunn aka WP Bob. A man who has been sharing his WordPress related tips and tricks and so valuable advice for WordPress 101 tips, e-commerce tips, WooCommerce how-to’s and so much more. Even so, Bob also started several evenly useful podcasts we can consume while doing other things. Talk about multitasking while learning so much about WordPress related stuff!

In my early WordPress days, Bob’s blog helped me around knowing more about the WP environment, dashboard setting, blogging and I highly recommend it for all novices out there. But, not to say there isn’t good stuff for professionals. Bob covers all sorts of WordPress things from customizing pages run WooComemrce shop, managing ads and more. I mean, Bob’s been around since 2010., so there’s a lot – more than a thousand! – blog posts for you to learn from!

Bridget Willard

bridget willard top wordpress bloggersOh, Bridget. If I were to name the WordPress twin, she would be the one. Like me, Bridget is most fond of Twitter; she is specialized in marketing consulting and is not afraid of the stage. A lady who is packed with all sorts of digital marketing, social media knowledge and doesn’t run from offering it for free – on her blog.  If those are the niches you’re working within, or you want to learn more about it, Bridget’s blog (and Twitter account) is the place to start with.

Cami MacNamara

cami macnamara top wordpress bloggersCami is a WordPress web designer and a Digital Business Consultant who has been around since 2012. As such, her knowledge about things regarding WordPress are deep and professional, but she makes it all so easily understandable and manageable. Cami’s blog is a place for you to not only learn your way around WordPress but a knowledge base on how to set up and manage a site yourself, how to how to improve your business, do various site check-ups and improvements and more! Also, if you want to learn more about WordPress related events, Cami covers the ones she visits, so there’s another bonus with her blog, too.

Carrie Dils

carrie dils top wordpress bloggersCarrie is a WordPress developer who devoted her time and knowledge into educating people about freelancing, online businesses and everything related to that. She is someone who goes on various conferences and shares her experience; she teaches people about WordPress, business, entrepreneurship; has a podcast that inspires with success stories from the WordPress ecosystem… Her blog is packed with WordPress, productivity, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing tips that you really need to know about. Take a peek, and you’ll see for yourselves.

Chris Lema

chris lema top wordpress bloggersPretty much like Bob Dunn, Chris is a man among the most relatable people when it comes to WordPress. He also blogs from 2010, sharing his vast knowledge about WordPress and business related stuff. Chris is a man who invented himself from a blogger to a full-time professional WordPress advisor for brands and companies. His blog is a place where you can find both beginners’ and advanced WordPress/WooCommerce related tips and one of those must-bookmark links.

David Bisset

david bisset top wordpress bloggersDavid is one of those people I hope I meet someday, maybe even in his hometown, Miami. If you ever tracked anything WordPress related on Twitter, chances are you came across some of David’s tweets and GIF’s. He’s a guy with so many talents. A coder, a WordCamp Miami co-founder and organizer, three times father, and an exceptional real-time GIF maker. Once I got to know him on Twitter, I moved on to his blog and stayed because of his devotion to sharing as many as detailed, most valuable and easy understandable WordPress related topics. So many interesting and helpful things you can learn from his blog, I promise!

Mario Peshev

mario peshev top wordpress bloggersI’m happy to say I know this guy and up until this point, he didn’t even know it! J Mario is a WordPress and Business advisor whose blog and overall online writing is pushing me to be better than I am, every time. A man with 20 years of experience in so many things and yet so modest and down to earth guy. Which I really admire and respect. His blog posts are just the same; full of valuable and usable information explained in the down to earth kind of way. So, if you want to know more about not only WordPress but the overall tech and business things, Mario’s blog is a place for you.

Nile Flores

nile flores top wordpress bloggersNile is another great lady who has wast knowledge about WordPress, social media, blogging, and all things related to that. Originally, Nile is a WordPress designer and developer who started her blog as a way to share her knowledge, help people and position herself a bit more. All the reasons I find her work admirable and relevant for me to track. So, no matter if you come from the non-tech niche or not, Nile’s blog is a resource on both blogging tips and web/graphic design advice, tools and more.

Rian Rietveld

rian rietveld top wordpress bloggersWhat to say about Rian Rietveld and not sound like a, I don’t know, a screaming fan? J Rian is a WordPress engineer who helped shape WordPress accessibility as it is today. A woman who helped me – and the overall WordPress community – understand the importance of genuine website accessibility. She also inspired me to write a post about accessible design tips in WordPress and encouraged me to think differently about my online business. All the more reasons for you to follow her blog and educate yourselves about making WordPress and the overall web a better place.

Wrapping up

I really hope you like this post and the people I shared with you. I also hope you’ll find them equally valuable for your line of work just as I did and that you’ll share this list with your friends, so we all start improving our own web homes and the whole wide web from the things we learn.

And, if you’re in a stage where you’re just starting your online journey or looking to improve it, I recommend you take a look at our Themes section. Meks themes are highly professional and carefully crafted to meet your high demands and help you achieve the best of you and your business. Whatever it might be. So, these WordPress bloggers tips and our themes, together with your ideas and vision can go a long way.

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Feel free to share bloggers from the WordPress world you gave trust to and let us all grow together!



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