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What are Twitter chats and how can they help your business?

What are Twitter chats and how can they help your business?


First of all, for all of you who don’t know about them by now, here’s a simple explanation about what Twitter chats are. Imagine a conference that you dreamt of going but never had the time or money. Then imagine you can go there and be a part of the conversation – for free! And from within your own personal space: office, park, coffee shop, your bedroom…

Twitter chats are an online conversation among a group of people on Twitter, gathered around a specific topic. Whether it’s marketing, Social Media, productivity, entrepreneurship, or development, Twitter chats are a good way to both learn and give yourself exposure.

The benefits of being a part of Twitter chats are numerous, both from networking and promotional aspect. Furthermore, these are some of the takeaways you get by being a part of Twitter chats:

  • Exposure
  • Brand awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Connection with the relevant community
  • Engagement
  • Networking
  • Value

All that and more you get by simply tuning in at a specific time and tracking a specific Twitter account that is hosting Twitter chats! It’s that simple! But, if you’re still not sure how it works, and what are you supposed to do, here are few tips to help you get started.

twitter chats preparation

How to get involved with Twitter Chats?

#1 The best way to look for a Twitter chat of your choice is to search for specific keywords and/or to track relevant Twitter accounts. For instance, if you’re looking for business/networking chats, you might wanna hop into the #LinkedInChat. Or, if you’re into Social Media and Digital Marketing, you wouldn’t wanna miss #BufferChat every Wednesday.

#2 Prepare yourself the best you can. Whether you’re planning on participating, or just learning and writing down the info, be prepared. Full battery, Word or any other text editor to write down the essentials, pen and paper if you’re a retro kind of person.

#3 Be informed in what kind of Twitter chat you’re in. Always remember the # and don’t forget to include it in the conversation.

#4 Engage. Find the time to communicate with other participants, by replying to their questions, commenting on their answers. Or, do a mix of retweeting and quoting the things other people tweet and you agree on. In that way, you’ll have more chance to boost your visibility and get people to know you a little better.

#5 Don’t spam! The purpose of Twitter Chats isn’t to over promote yourself. It’s about giving your expertize and value to the other participants. Share your knowledge and attract new customers in that way, not by spamming about your stuff.


Guys at SproutSocial did a great ultimate guide on Twitter Chats – do look it up and learn all the tips and tricks that can help you get along. Being a part of this kind of gathering is a great opportunity to both learn and share your experience and improve your business. Also, Buffer made a great list of tools that might help you get around and be more productive with Twitter chats. And, if you need an example of participating, here’s how we did it recently in one of #BufferChat sessions.

Have you ever been to some Twitter Chats and do you follow any of them?

Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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