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Take video blogging to the next level with WordPress Vlog theme

Take video blogging to the next level with WordPress Vlog theme


WordPress, as an open-source community, has taken blogging, publishing, and online art to the next level, allowing millions of people to express themselves and letting their voice be heard among a large community. Today, WordPress is also able to take video blogging to the next level. Until now, as a YouTuber or video blogger, you were able to embed videos with a certain difficulty in your WordPress theme and incorporate them in your blog. However, it’s hard to find a WordPress theme that allows you to bring the WOW effect to your video work and handles video integration smoothly. Not anymore, in this post, we want to introduce you to Vlog, our video blog WordPress theme.

Michael Rosenblum, CEO of Rosenblumtv, said:

The move to video blogging, just getting started, is to my mind the same as the move to writing books post-Gutenberg.

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Vlog, will liberate the video literate by giving them the opportunity to create their own high-quality vlogs with WordPress.

Problems vloggers are faced with

If you are using WordPress to share your ideas with the world, you would have noticed that most WordPress themes are handmade to support all types of text and image, whereas they are less focused on videos. This means one of two things, you either have to leaf through a number of video support plugins on, to make sure you can embed the video just the way you like it, and try to avoid YouTube, Vimeo integration issues (although most of you will know these are still very common). Here is what you might come across:


Or, you come to terms with the lack of video support in WordPress, show your videos the best you can, and turn to the text for further explanations.

At times it’s not possible to embed your video at all, and perhaps these problems seem all too familiar. Most of you would have visited a WordPress forum to troubleshoot your video integration issues.

youtube embed

This can be very frustrating when videos are your main form of expression, and now with more resources available, it is about time to have a video blog-focused WordPress theme.

How Vlog WordPress theme solves all vlogger problems

Vlog is a carefully crafted WordPress theme with a focus on your video content. It will suit the needs of any personal video blog, all the way to complex magazine websites. This theme is perfect for anyone whose focus is on videos, online tutorials, and video sharing.


Your videos have never looked better than with Vlog, and it has never been easier to upload your video work to a WordPress theme, integrate and convert them into posts, thumbnails, and featured images. Vlog allows you to focus on making your videos, online tutorials, and playlists and not worry about how they will look on your website.

What Vlog can offer

Before delving into details specific to videos, it’s worth mentioning that Vlog is an all-around excellent WordPress theme. It has an extensive feature list like most of our themes. Like other Meks themes you love, Vlog is optimized for speed, has smart and flexible image sizes, multiple header layouts (including videos featured as post sliders), unlimited and sticky sidebars, custom widgets, post views support, built-in related posts, and one-click updates, as well as RTL support, shortcodes, built-in social sharing and translation. It’s a given that we create themes that are responsive, offer full documentation and dedicated support.

Vlog is specific because of the added video tweaks we made just for you vloggers.

YouTube & Vimeo import – imagine having your videos automatically imported, no fuss no muss. Vlog supports Video importer plugin, so you can transfer your videos and playlists to your website. This can be anything from your top music picks that you want to share, a new documentary, video tutorials for your viewers or your personally crafted masterpieces.

Group videos into playlists – the Series plugin groups your videos and articles into playlists, so you can create multi-part content, like video tutorials, or your holiday videos in 3 parts!

Auto-detect video thumbnails – no more uploading of additional images for your featured image, you can now set video thumbnails as your featured images.

Watch later – just like on YouTube, Vlog allows your visitors to decide what videos they want to watch later, so they can always track what they want to watch on your website.

Cinema mode – you make great videos, that deserve your visitors full attention, or you want them to pay close attention to the latest tutorial you uploaded, no problem, Vlog supports cinema mode, distraction-free video watching.

Vloggers choose Vlog

Vloggers rather than me telling you what Vlog can offer, I urge you to take a look at the Vlog demo. See all of the benefits for yourself. You will be surprised at how flexible and a video adapted this theme really is.  You will no longer be able to say that WordPress is focused on text and image only because with Vlog you can take advantage of all the video integrations finally.


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