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Top 15+ WordPress calendar plugins (that you can start using today)

Top 15+ WordPress calendar plugins (that you can start using today)


Are you a PR agency looking for a way to showcase your existing and future events? Or a rental place in need of a good booking solution for your website? Maybe a speaker who needs to present future talks in a more appealing way? From whatever industry you’re coming from, a good WordPress calendar plugin can help you set up and showcase whatever type of organizing task you have.

From events to various bookings, doctor appointments, WordPress calendar plugins are created to make that part of your work much efficient and more manageable. And with that in mind, we came up with the list of our top picks we’d like to share with you. But, do I really need a calendar plugin on my site – one could ask? Only if you want to promote your business, events, further connect with your audience. Not to mention ease their user experience while visiting your site (which is one of the accessible design tips I talked about earlier). So, bear with me and take a look at our recommendations. Some might work for you, others might not but will for someone else. Out of thousands calendar-type plugins, these are among the best ones, just pick one that best suits your needs.

And, for the purpose of more natural understanding and use, I divided them by the type of method to:

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  • Booking calendar plugins
  • Editorial calendar plugins
  • Event calendar plugins
  • Google calendar plugins

Booking calendar plugins

Easy way to book and manage appointments, whether you manage a consulting business, hotel, or fitness. Among many free and paid WordPress calendar plugins, there are the ones we recommend.

Booking calendar


Easy to use freemium WordPress booking calendar that lets your visitors check property availability (or any other service you offer) and make a booking within minutes. You can use it as a plugin or a widget (the difference described here), integrate it into posts and pages, or sync it with the Google Calendar. Furthermore, this plugin has also CAPTCHA support so using it will help you avoid any spam that might occur with the registrations. Premium version price starts from $59 for Single Site usage and comes with more features and abilities.

Pinpoint Booking System


Another free booking calendar you can use for WordPress and WooCommerce too! Flexible, fast, and easy to use, the Pinpoint WordPress Booking plugin helps you manage rent accommodations, book events, and schedule services. Furthermore, this plugin can also receive online reservations and appointments for you too. And for further improvements and more features you can check Pinpoint Shop for add-ons.


Booknetic is a WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin to arrange and manage your appointments with clients. No matter what business you are running(consulting firm, law office, beauty/hair/nail/spa/massage salon, repair center, health, and medical service) with this WordPress Calendar plugin, an appointment booking funnel optimization will be at its peak as the user-friendly and flexible interface of Booknetic allows lots of customization opportunities.

One of the greatest advantages of Booknetic is that it is only for 79$ with full features access and a lifetime license. Being full-mobile responsive, having Zoom/Google Calendar integration, Custom forms, Multiple services-locations, PayPal & Stripe Integration, SMS/WhatsApp/Email notifications features Booknetic is one of the most recommended options when it comes to automating your client bookings, saving time, money and resources and minimizing the manual work.

Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita


What’s so special about this free plugin is that you can use it through a mobile app for both iOS and Android phones. This booking tool acts as a self-service scheduling system that you can manage while on the go through your phone. Ideal for booking events, classes, or 1-on-1 appointments. If you want, you can even choose to automate email confirmations or reminders to clients and improve customer service that way.

The only thing is, since the vCita is an all-in-one management app, to use this free plugin you need to open the account with the starting price of $29/mo for a single user. The good thing is, you have a 14 day free trial to test if it fits your needs.

Easy Appointments


As stated in the name itself, this is easy to use, flexible free booking calendar and time management tool. Designed for small businesses like salons, cleaning services, personal trainers, lawyers, and similar industries, Easy Appointments helps you manage time and bookings from multiple locations and by multiple workers. And if you have more than one service, you can manage it all through this one plugin.

WP Simple Booking Calendar


Simple and easy availability calendar plugin designed for all those homeowners that are renting their place during small periods of time. The free version comes with the basic features you need to keep track of bookings. You can create one user-friendly calendar which displays visibility. The Premium version comes with more features to further customize the schedule and give you more control over it. Starting price for one website is $39.

Editorial calendar plugins

If you’re a blogger or working within any news/magazine/content marketing field, then these Editorial WordPress calendar plugins are a must-have.

Editorial Calendar


Organize your writing and posting schedule with this Editorial Calendar plugin. Helps you manage your blog or news/magazine website through a very user-friendly interface and with drag-and-drop features:



Designed to manage your entire marketing strategy on a website, CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial calendar. You use it to plan your writing and posting weeks ahead, making you more focused and organized and more. With it, you can plan and see in one place the marketing roadmap for your projects, work with teams from one location and sync it with tools like Gdocs, Evernote, and such. The only thing is that CoSchedule is a premium service with starting price of $20/mo for bloggers and solopreneurs through a referral program or 40/mo without it, all up to $1200 depending on the type of business you’re in. You also get a 30_day free trial to test it out, so be sure to give it a go.

Edit Flow


Manage all your editorial plans, contributors, budgets, comments, and statuses from one place. Edit flow is a great free WordPress calendar plugin for teams that helps in organizing posting and managing writers/editors’ content conversations. A brilliant and powerful solution for any news/magazine/publishing organization and it’s completely free!

Event calendar plugins

Looking for a reliable and useful event calendar tool for your WordPress site and business? How about these we picked?

The Events Calendar


One of the most popular event calendar plugins on the WordPress repository. It’s a freemium event calendar plugin that comes with various features and options to customize your events and showcase them to your users. And, it comes with quite a few free add-ons for further improvement, all of which you can find on their Extension library.

The premium plugin comes with more advanced features and possibilities like premium support access, advanced widgets, shortcodes, map view, and more. Starting price is $89/y for one site.

All in One Event Calendar


If you’re looking for an easily manageable event tool, you might want to check it out. It has a clean and responsive design which helps visitors interact with the site more appealingly. The free plugin gives you basic calendar features and starting from $9/mo you get various displays, SEO, unlimited events, embed on any site, and more. All the details on premium features and pricing can be found on Timely’s site.

Event Manager


Free full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress that provides you with many possibilities to post and manage your events. From easy single-day registration to managing multi-day registration, booking management, guest/member event submissions, and much more, this plugin should be among the ones you use. You can even integrate it with Google Maps and add to Google Calendar buttons, have RSS Feeds… The Premium version comes with additional features like PayPal,, Offline Payments, Coupon Codes, and more. Which one should you choose? Take a look at this Free vs. Pro comparison and then decide.

Event Tickets


Another neat freemium event plugin comes from the Modern Tribe. Event Tickets is an event registration, RSVP, and tickets managing tool for your WordPress site. The free version gives you the ability to have basic ticket sales, customize ticket templates, check guests in at the door, RSVPs and it has a fully mobile-ready design. Premium features include more features like QR Code check-in, mobile app check-ins, premium support access, and much more! Starting price for one year on one website is $89.

Event Organiser


An easily manageable WordPress event calendar that lets you create events as posts with the ability to manage them through an intuitive user interface at the same time. It is very flexible and easy to set up, user-friendly, and has a few additional free add-ons like Posterboard for displaying your events in the form of posters, setting up a VAT rate, CSV import.
The Pro version starts with the price of £40 for one site.

Google calendar plugins

As many of us are used to using Google’s tools and features and Google Calendar is one of them, there is a way to integrate it and manage through your WordPress sites. With the proper use of some WordPress plugins, you can now import them and control them from one place, just check out these we recommend.

Simple Calendar


An easy and quick way to set up and integrate and display your Google Calendar to a WordPress website. Customizable through tags, fully mobile-friendly, and you can use it to combine multiple calendars. You can even integrate it with the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin and send it to your visitors as event newsletters. The Pro version comes with all add-on features and full support with the starting price of $49/y for one site.

WP Google Calendar Manager

An easy way to import, manage and display Google Calendar on your site. Showcase upcoming events, show them simply or interactively. It comes with some semi-friendly instructions to use the plugin, but the support team is there to explain any step of the way.

In conclusion

In some cases, your blog or site doesn’t support some particular feature you want to use to showcase your events and calendars, these plugins can help. Whether you have a medical practice, a beauty salon, a band, a marketing agency, or any type of company, these calendar and event plugins for WordPress are among the best ones you can use. Choose the one that has the best features and functionalities you need and let us know how it worked out. Hopefully, we saved you some time looking for it yourselves.


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