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18 top Google Chrome extensions for WordPress


Are you looking for the most useful WordPress Chrome extensions to make your site more functional and engaging? Take a look at our list of top Chrome add-ons to use!

What better way for Google to encourage us to use Chrome than to offer as ways to improve our WordPress blogs and sites with its great extensions and apps, right? From managing multiple sites to writing and grammar to improving SEO and content engagement, these WordPress Chrome extensions are tools you need to improve your blogs and sites on WordPress.

Top 18 WordPress Chrome extensions to use

To save you time in searching, we came up with this list of the best of the best add-ons for you to try and use.

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WordPress Site Manager


WordPress Site Manager is a pretty handy WordPress developer extension that will store your WordPress site information and allow quick and easy access to your sites main pages. Once you add it to your browser submit the site details and start managing it. And if you operate on several WordPress sites, this is a handy helper since you can edit and make various basic adjustments and changes from within.

WP Sniffer


Ever wondered what theme a site or a blog you like, used? With this add-on, you can easily find the answer! WP Sniffer – as its name says – is a WordPress Chrome extension that detects which WordPress theme is being used on a site you visit. It’s very simple to use, install the add-on and start exploring all those sites you like, maybe even the ones that use our premium themes, for example 🙂 Moreover, this tool also detects active plugins and any customized work, which is why it ended on our must-have WordPress Chrome extensions list.

What Runs


Want to learn more about a website you in terms of Analytics Tools, Frameworks, WordPress plugins, Fonts and more? What Runs is an extension for you! Use it to detect the technical information of a particular blog or a site. Anything from developer tools to Ad Networks to WordPress themes and plugins – What Runs will provide the insights. Furthermore, subscribe, and it will notify you when the sites you checked use new or remove old technology. Cool, right?

WordPress Plugins Search


Improve your plugin search experience while on depository. This Chrome extension replaces the default search with the search engine from and that way you’ll get plugins from both and Once you install it you’ll get smart filters for better search experience; a Try Now button for an instant plugin test drive, as well as additional information about the plugin in a better way. It’s all about accessibility and UX, and we know a thing or two about that, too. 🙂

Scan WP


Another great tool for checking the details about the site theme and plugins it uses. Scan WP is a theme detector Chrome extension that gives you details about any specific WordPress site: what theme and plugin it uses. Moreover, it gives you additional details such as:

  • Estimated traffic
  • The keywords it ranks for
  • Main ranking competitors

and more.

A handy tool for basic competition check-up.

WordPress Admin Bar Control


We’ve all been there at one point, I’m sure. Wondering how such a tiny thing can bother us but it is. If you ever find yourself wanting to hide the admin bar of your site, this is a tool to use. WordPress Bar Control hides your admin bar so it won’t distract you or get in a way with the blog’s or site’s aesthetics. Once you install it, you’ll get the orange browser button that just by clicking hides your admin bar, and another click switch it back.

WordPress Admin Switcher


Now, talking about switching, this WordPress chrome extension helps you be more productive and faster with your work. What it does it skips those manual steps where you type wp-admin to log in to your site and instead you use a keyboard shortcut to log into or switch to/from the WordPress admin.

Once you install this app, hit either:

cmd -+ shift + A (Mac)

ctrl + shift + A (Windows/Linux)

and voila! you’re becoming fast and furious with your work.

WordPress Dashboard Shortcut


Great little tool, especially if you run multiple WordPress websites. This WordPress Chrome extension is a one-click shortcut to any dashboard. What it does is that once you install it, just click on the icon in the top right corner of your browser and it will instantly open the login page of your site, without you having to type it manually. It’s all about being more productive and ongoing with your work and this quick and easy add- on helps with that.



As its name says, this is a free Password Manager add-on that helps you manage all those passwords you have difficulty remember. So, instead of worrying if you remember them all or searching for a paper where you wrote it all down, use this Chrome extension to either save them all in one place or generate a new and secure password whenever you’re logging in while on Chrome.

And that’s not all this tool does! With it, you can save credit cards and shopping profiles, create a master password and use it on every website you want to log in, set up multifactor authentication – just in case, and more!

There’s even a Premium option that lets you use mobile apps, one-to-many sharing, emergency access, priority tech support, to name a few. The price is $36/year. Whether you opt for a free or a premium version, this is one of those must-have security Chrome add-ons.



WordPress developers and designers like this 😉 ColorZilla is a handy Chrome extension that you use to get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. With it, you can easily read the color code on any WordPress (or non-WordPress) website just by using the eyedropper feature. Furthermore, ColorZilla comes with more useful features like:

  • Color History of recently picked colors
  • Auto copy picked colors to a clipboard
  • Palette Viewer with seven pre-installed palettes
  • CSS Gradient Generator
  • Advanced Color Picker
  • Keyboard shortcuts

and more.

So, just by using this WordPress Chrome extension and tips from our brand color palette tools guide you can be on your way of making a career in brand and web design, who knew? 🙂

Google Dictionary


One of those necessary tools if you’re from any blogging industry. Google Dictionary helps you find the meaning of words straightaway in the right corner of your browser. It saves you time and nerves in all those times you would ordinarily search for the right word or meaning. Just double-click on any word to see its definition and that’s that! And the good part doesn’t stop there. This extension also supports 16 (at the moment) foreign languages, and it automatically translates them to your language of choice. In combination with the following addon, this is a powerful blogging tool for sure.



The best way to proofread your writings on site, a document, on Social Networks – all from one place! Grammarly for Chrome is a must-have extension that checks spelling and grammar for you quickly and easily. All you need to do is register your account and start improving your writing.

And just as in regular software, Grammarly for Chrome works by underlining the mistakes you can then replace with the correct word by double-clicking on that word. Use this tool to create better and more correct content on your WordPress blog or site.



A while ago, we shared a post about autoblogging with WordPress, how to set it up and why use this method at all. And this particular addon is a great autoblogging helper you should try. ExpressCurate is an autoblogging tool that enables you to curate high-quality content to your site. How? Discover content you want to share, create curated post, optimize it, save and publish at your pace on a WordPress blog or website. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Define keywords you want to track, and ExpressCurate will analyze the pages you’re looking at to give suggestions based on your keywords.
  • Then, you either click on the „Curate“ button from the suggestion box or the button in the Chrome toolbar to share an interesting article.
  • Pick an image for the article.
  • Choose a paragraph or two to quote, and the extension will automatically add it to the Quoted comment field.
  • Add your comment about the curated piece, optimize it with meta keywords and description, define the category.

Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, click on the Curate Now button and ExpressCurate will generate a post-draft on your blog for you to publish it whenever you want. You need to connect to your blog by entering the exact URL of your blog admin login and then your username and password, and you need to have ExpressCurate WordPress plugin activated for the addon to work. One of my personal favorite WordPress Chrome extensions for sure, curious to find out how you like it!



Want to make more engaging photos for your social sharing, your blog, and site? This Buffer’s tool Pablo is a great way to do so! Just select an image or a piece of text on a page and access this tool with the right click to open Pablo in a new tab and choose between more than 500.000 images to make stunning images and visuals. Initially, it was made to help you create social sharing visuals, but now you can create quotes, announcements, promotional visuals and more with it. Talk about a handy visual design tool at your fingertips!



A user-friendly add-on that enables you to capture specific page elements or full page screenshots and save them in various formats with links included. Why use the old way of print screen/cut/copy/paste steps when you can do all that instantly and right from your Chrome browser? Once you’re satisfied with the capture, save it in the form of .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp or .pdf and even add text and comments. Moreover, you can even edit screenshots: crop, resize or apply other effects if needed. And all that completely free!

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Not quite a WordPress Chrome addon, but it’s beneficial to have it if you’re trying to position yourself on search engines. This is a great tool that gives you valuable SEO metrics such as:

  • Domain and URL rating
  • Search volume
  • Estimated Organic Search Traffic
  • Number of ranking keywords and Keyword Difficulty
  • Number of backlinks

and more.

To use it, you need to have an active Ahrefs account, and you’ll be able to access some of the most essential SEO information right in your web browser.

Keywords Everywhere


Talking about SEO, we couldn’t leave out this handy extension. Keywords Everywhere is a free keyword research tool that gives you information such as:

  • monthly search volume
  • CPC and competition data for your list of keywords

From more than 15 sites like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Ubersuggest, Amazon and more.

The addon also allows you to download those keyword metrics as a list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats for further analysis.

The only possibly downsize of this Chrome extension is that you need to sign up to get a free API Key to use it, but it’s worthwhile.

Related Content by Zemanta


Another great autoblogging tool for you to try out. Related Content is not just a WordPress Chrome extension since it works for pretty much all major CMS’s, and it’s very popular. Why? It helps you find interesting links, articles, images, and tags to include while you write! This extension uses trustworthy sources like Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Getty, Flickr, BBC, CNN and more to find you only the most useful and relevant stuff to improve your content and engagement. Use it to improve your traffic and SEO efforts as well build a more engaging audience. Related Content also comes with its own stats dashboard to track your progress.


18 WordPress Chrome extensions to use


I hope this list helps you manage your online presence in a better and more engaging way. Have you tried already some of them and what are your thoughts on it? Do you have your favorites to share which aren’t on the list already? Let me know in the comments below.


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