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WordPress Contact form plugin – our top 5 suggestions for choosing the right one

WordPress Contact form plugin – our top 5 suggestions for choosing the right one


What is the best WordPress contact form plugin out there? While we may not have the answer for that specific question we do, however, have suggestions to help you choose the right one.

But, before we do that, for all of you who still struggle with thoughts whether to put one on the site or not, here are our pro tips.

Yes or no to WordPress contact form plugins

Whatever business you’re in or whether you’re a blogger or a freelancer, having a contact form is a necessity. We’re sure you are familiar with the email vs. WordPress contact form plugin debate which is making you confused. To demystify all that, here’s the short answer: you definitely need a contact form on your website. Now, for the longer and more detailed explanation.

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Having a contact form on your blog or website is way more professional. It improves engagement and feedback between you and your visitors. It’s much easier to send you an inquiry not leaving the site than to go to the mail client, open it and start typing an email. People want easy solutions and love saving time – having WordPress contact form plugin is a good way for that.

Another reason to consider adding contact form is less spam. You heard it right. Just this one plugin can save your nerves and site from spam attacks. Having an email address out in the open is like bate for spam software; this way you can protect your site in some way. Of course, newer software is being developed every day, and some of them can spam you through plugins too, but still in a far less intensity than the other one.

And then, there’s that catchy thing you can do with contact form plugin. We’re talking about building your email list. How do you do it? Easy, simply add a checkbox for Newsletter subscription instead of asking them to join your base in the reply email. Saves both you and your visitors time and helps them to decide on the spot whether they’ll join you or not.

It’s all about user experience, giving people an easy way to go from point A to point B without having to cross too many steps or get distracted in the process.

So, here are our top 5 choices for WordPress Contact Form plugin you can choose from:

1. Contact Form 7

WordPress contact form plugin contact form 7

Simple and flexible contact form plugin that does everything we described earlier. Pretty easy and yet highly reliable plugin, for beginners and professionals. With it, you can manage and customize multiple contact forms and safeguard it with other valuable plugins to keep your site more useful, user-friendly, safe and sound. Also, this plugin is free to use, just download it from the, and you’re ready to go. Another important thing – this plugin is the one we at Meks use and 100% guarantee it works with all of our themes! 🙂

2. Gravity Forms

WordPress contact form plugin gravity forms

Premium contact form plugin that comes filled with all advanced features like 30+ form fields, email notifications, a conditional logic that helps you to configure form the way it’s best for UX and more. Other than that, Gravit Forms have numerous add-ons, and that transform this contact plugin to survey, polls and similar useful services. Its price is $59.

3. Jetpack

WordPress contact form plugin jetpack

Very versatile and useful freemium plugin that comes from Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Oher than numerous features it has, with Jetpack you can make customizable contact forms for your website in just a few easy steps. You can use it on your pages, posts or in a widget area, either one or different for each page. And, if integrated with Akismet, you get yourself spam filter to keep you more secure. All the details how to set it up can be found at this link.

4. Ninja Forms

WordPress contact form plugin ninja forms

Another great freemium WordPress contact form plugin, interactive and easy to use. The free version lets you set up basic contact form in a way you desire. Also, it has several anti-spam solutions to keeps everything neat and secure. If you want to upgrade it or to merge it with add-ons, it will cost you from $29-$499 / year. For more details, visit the official site.

5. WP Forms

WordPress contact form plugin WPForms

This one is slightly different contact form plugin since it uses drag&drop feature to customize forms on your site. Very useful friendly and versatile, WP Forms is also a freemium contact form plugin which you can freely use on any blog and/or site. Depending on your needs, prices start at $39 all up to $499, and you can find more details on their website.

What’s common to every one of these plugins, you can use them not just as a contact form. Whether you need newsletter subscription or payment forms, or any other type of form, you can do it using them.

The decision on which one to choose is solely up to you. What we can tell you is, once more, a reminder that our themes are 100% compatible with Contact Form 7. Other than that, it all goes down what your needs are.

Hope this article helps you in deciding process and if it does, feel free to share it with friends and put a comment.


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