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What’s the best WordPress quiz plugin to use?

What’s the best WordPress quiz plugin to use?


People on the internet love interactive content such as online quizzes. More and more, quizzes are recognized as a legit way to both connect with your audience as well as to improve your branding.

All the more reasons for you to start thinking about how to make use of these facts and create an online quiz strategy that will give value both to you and your visitors.

What would be some main benefits to use a WordPress quiz plugin on your blog or site?


Quizzes are a great engagement boost, make them right, and people will love to interact with them. According to Digi Day, 96% of users who start quizzes on BuzzFeed finishes them! What better way to improve engagement on your blog or site than that?



By rising engagement, online quizzes improve your traffic since people are willing to share it with friends, on social networks and soon you got yourself a snowball effect! Quizzes are great in driving traffic to your site so, why not use it?


The online quiz is an excellent way to keep visitors „locked“ to your site, and that way lowers the bounce-rate which signals Google that your site is worthy. You know, lower bounce-rate equals (in time) better ranking.

Audience Insights

By making targeted online quizzes, you can get valuable information about your audience and use it to bring more personal experience with your content. Just like Food52 did with their „Which cake are you?“ quiz that just in three days had more than 20.000 hits. And the outcome? The site promoted their recipes, and the people that participated in this quiz got their „cake-type“ as well as a link to its recipe. A win-win situation, right?

And these are just some fundamental values you can achieve with this type of content marketing. While we’re at the subject, take a look at this WordPress content marketing strategy guide and see how you can implement quizzes with it. With the right tool, anyone can make an online quiz, make it fun, engaging and useful for every participant. And, all these plugins play nicely with our carefully designed themes so you might wanna check them out – just in case you’re looking for a new theme.


WordPress quiz plugin recommendation

And if you’re using WordPress, that tool comes in the form of a quiz plugin. Wondering which WordPress quiz builder to use? Here are our top picks; read about them and choose the one that suits your needs.

ARI Stream Quiz


An easy to make freemium trivia or any other type of WordPress quiz plugin. You would want to use it as a lead generation quiz tool since it collects users name and email. You can also integrate it with MailChimp and other email providers to extend your mailing lists. And while free version only lets you create trivia quizzes, paid plans include:

  • Personality quizzes – who doesn’t love personality tests 🙂
  • Multi-pages layout – questions are shown on several pages, great for lowering bounce-rate
  • Force to share – share to see results feature
  • Statistics dashboard within your WordPress site
  • Open Graph support – improves SEO

The price for premium usage starts at $17 for single site use.

Interactive Content


H5P Interactive Content is much more than an ordinary quiz plugin. With it, you can create variations of interactive stuff such as memory games, flash cards, multiple choices, presentations, audio recorders, virtual tours… Such a fun tool to have and make your content that much more engaging and inviting!

To be able to start creating interactive content you must first install at least one content type. And, for the H5P Hub to be able to do this, communication with is required. Once you do that, you’ll get a dashboard from which you later choose the type of interactive content you want to work with:


Simply download and use the kind of quiz or a questionary you’ll create and start building it. Once you create it, the cool part is, you can insert a quiz directly from your Visual or Gutenberg Editor.

Poll, Survey, Form and Quiz Maker


Not your ordinary WordPress quiz maker, that’s for sure. It comes with various built-in customization options such as selecting the color theme, font and sizes. Also, you can place quizzes, polls, surveys within the article as well as in the Sidebar or as a popup to catch users when they enter or about to leave your site. Apart from installing it, to use this plugin you need to connect/sign up with Opinion Stage after which you get up to 1000 views/month.

Premium version comes with much more quiz views ability, as well as with premium support, lead form integration, advanced integration, adds integrations and more. The price starts at $29/month for a single site.

Quiz and Survey Master


A simple to use WordPress quiz builder with lots of features and customizable options. You can choose between several template styles as well as customize it the way you want. More interesting features include:

  • A timer and a schedule
  • Answers hints
  • Categories for questions
  • Leaderboards
  • Various types of quiz questions like true or false, multiple choice, number, captcha and more!

Premium features come with more customizable options and advanced add-ons like a landing page, Google Analytics tracking, export results, simple popups and more. Starting price is $98/year for a single site.

Psychological tests and quizzes


A targeted niche WordPress quiz builder that helps you create numerous psychological tests and quizzes, no matter how simple or advanced they are. It has a bit of a learning curve, but every step is well described within the quiz editor that looks just like ordinary Visual Editor. It’s recommended you test try it with the Eysenck’s Personality Inventory mockup test and learn from there.

Unlimited Quiz Maker With Email Lead Capture


If you’re looking for a BuzzFeed type of quiz plugin, then this one is the one you choose. An easy to make beautiful mobile-friendly quizzes, personality tests, lists, polls, and surveys within minutes. Once you make it how you please, simply embed it with shortcode wherever you like. The only downside to this plugin is that it isn’t free. The price plan starts at $19/month, but there’s a 14 days test free period to see if it’s the right quiz tool for you to use.

Quiz Cat


A freemium plugin that you use to build engaging quizzes. The free version comes with unlimited quizzes with as many questions (with multiple answers) as you want. Also, this WordPress quiz builder comes with the customizable completion message as well as the ability to shuffle the answers.

The pro version is the closest thing to BuzzFeed like quizzes and tests and comes with features like:

  • Viral tests
  • Personality quizzes
  • Email service integration
  • Quiz analytics and insights
  • Facebook Pixel integration

and more.

The price starts at $29/year for a single site.

Watu Quiz


A freemium WordPress plugin for not just quizzes but full exams as well! Watu comes with easy to learn how-tos and usable variables. Free features include:

  • Randomize questions and answers
  • Require user login
  • Notifications
  • Anti-spam measures
  • Correct answer display and more.
  • Pro version has more customizable options like:
  • More question types and social sharing options
  • Detailed stats
  • Printable certificates
  • Questions and test categories and more.

The price starts at $47 for a lifetime license and one year of free upgrades and free support.

Once you finish the making of a quiz, copy its shortcode and place it in a post or page. Use only one quiz shortcode in each post or page. Furthermore, you can get free traffic to your quizzes by submitting them to Watu’s directory.

WP Quiz


Great freemium WordPress quizzes plugin which lets you make three types of interactive content:

  • Trivia quiz
  • Personality tests
  • Flip cards

Want a quiz plugin with multiple options and various quiz styles – WP Quiz is the one. It’s highly customizable; you can play away with fonts and colors, add text, images or videos to each quiz type, choose between single or multi-page type, even add animation to grab more attention. More features include:

  • Unlimited quiz creation
  • Social sharing
  • Pro version comes with more advanced features like:
  • Facebook Quiz type
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Pay to play option
  • Email service provider integration
  • Show ads between questions
  • 24/7 support

and more.

The price for premium version is $67, but you can grab it currently for $57

Wrapping up

So, whether you need a handy tool to collect leads or just want to make your web place more interactive and engaging, online quizzes are just the right thing for you to use. Give it a go and learn more about your audience, make them stick to your site and have fun all together.

The top 9 WordPress quiz plugin recommendation

I hope this guide helps you decide which WordPress quiz plugin to use. If so, feel free to share which one you chose and if there’s any more you could recommend us to try out! 🙂


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