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WordPress table plugin – our top 4 suggestions

WordPress table plugin – our top 4 suggestions


If you want to insert a picture in your WordPress post, just push the button, if you need a new paragraph, quoted text, different headlines or even video embedded? A piece of cake, it’s all on one click!

But what if you want to create comparison table to show your product or service advantages over  others directly in your post?

wordpress table plugin example 1

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Or you want to list all different offerings and packages in one place for your potential customers in what is visually appeling price table?

wordpress table plugin example 2

Maybe your sport magazine needs a good table to show last game results over the whole league or best player’s achievements?

wordpress table plugin example 3

First instinct, you’re looking for the button that will let you create a table as easy as everything else in WordPress? Well, sorry, this time there is no magic button, you will either need to learn to code, or use one of the great WordPress plugins.

But before we go to the list of top WordPress tables plugins, let’s first determine what great tables should look like.

  1. Tables should be responsive! There is no question should your website have a mobile version; the real question is should this be the only one! And in the world where 60% of visits come from mobile devices, responsive tables are a must.
  2. Tables should look good! It’s your website, not excel sheet. One of the differences between useful and less good plugins is level of customization, possibilities to add pictures, change grids, backgrounds, etc.
  3. Tables should be well incorporated into your website, and you don’t want to have a table that looks like something you found on the street and thought “this will look good on my website!”

Best WordPress table plugin suggestions

Here goes our  best WordPress table plugins list, feel free to share which one you use!


With most popular responsive table WordPress plugin you can add tables to posts, pages, or even to text widgets! Tables can be imported (from Excel, CSV, and HTML files) but as well, this table plugin allows you to export the tables. No HTML knowledge is required to work with TablePress, it is easy to edit table data, any type of data can be added, even formulas that will be evaluated and you know what, it’s free plugin! And like all this is not enough, extensions can be used (additional JavaScript library) for creating a table in WordPress, add features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more…

Table Maker

wordpress table plugin table maker

Plugin with a lot of features, unofficially named as the best plugin for creating a table in WordPress as well as comparison tables.

Other features to be mentioned:

· Responsive option (stacks)

· Predefined icons

· Rows or cols lines

· Option to mark the first column for specification labels

· Option to add labels and featured row and cols

· Works with shortcodes

· Option to add subheaders

· Option to choose the color of the header

· Great and simple design

· Option to upload and use images

· Optional center aligning

How it works:


wordpress table plugin wpdata tables

wpData Tables is a premium plugin and for several years absolute bestseller among premium Table plugins. And there is a list of reasons why is it like that.

No coding skills are required for this plugin, yet your tables will have a professional look and absolute usability. A very solid WordPress table editor with many features and options. wpData Tables allows you to quickly build and insert interactive tables and charts in any of your WordPress posts or pages with such features as multi-criteria filtering, sorting, or export to PDF. You can create tables practically from any source, including MySQL query, Google Spreadsheet, PHP array, Excel file, CSV file, JSON and XML input sources… And if you like you can create the tables and charts without any predefined source files from WordPress back-end.

wpData Tables is a plugin that performs all the work for you, and you only need to set it up once. The price is 44$ with six months support (extended support to 12 months will cost you additional 15$).

Ninja Tables

wordpress table plugin ninja tables

Free and modern WordPress table builder that helps you build any type of HTML tables. No need to have any HTML or CSS knowledge to build tables that looks proper on any type of device. It uses column builder where you can specify how it will look on different devices.  You can choose among more than 100 table stables and have an unlimited color schema!

Wrapping up

Hope you liked our recommendations and examples we provided. Let us know how these table plugins for WordPress worked out for you and if you have an example of yours to share!



Ivana Cirkovic

Ivana is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over nine years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast and an active member of WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. In love with Twitter, WP, photography and NYC.

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