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WWW Day and why we celebrate it

WWW Day and why we celebrate it


What is WWW Day and why all the fuss about it?

First things first – the history of World Wide Web day. It was one man’s idea “with the philosophy that much academic information should be freely available to anyone” that changed the world we know today. For real.

computer keyboard, internet connecting people

According to Wikipedia, this global information medium which we all use today, was invented and first published online 28 years ago by a great computer scientist from CERN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. This man has dedicated his life to making the internet and information things that serve humanity and we thank him for it.

Now, fast forward 28 years ahead, in today’s living. Just imagine what would your life be without the web. Without online media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then some.

How would you find the information you need? Or make a purchase decision? How would you choose what country to visit? Where and who would you ask for information regarding your future employer? How would you represent your hobby/business/services to a wider audience and track if it’s successful?

Mindblowing, right?

And, not to mention all those boring stuff like finding tax info, paying bills, making trip reservations, buying tickets, etc… Without inventing world wide web, all of this (and more!) would be still equally difficult and slow as almost 30 years ago!

woman using a tablet, internet connectivity

Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, we get to have an infinite pool of information, resources, tools for both work and play. We get to work around the globe from within our own chairs. We get to make awesome themes and plugins that people use for their businesses. And we get to enjoy everything the web get to offer us. Like meeting some of our great clients, going places to share some great experiences, learn incredible stuff and much more!

So, by celebrating WWW Day, we are celebrating ourselves and our improved quality of life. Because, no doubt, this (for some) small invention DID change people’s lives and will continue to do so. The way we communicate and interact with each other was never this quick, this immediate, this easy and this free.

And, to think that all started like this

the first web page, why celebrate www day

The first web page

What part does the web play in your work and life, and will you celebrate WWW Day, too?


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Ivana Cirkovic

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