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Pricing & FAQ

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Support & updates

Can I try the themes before purchasing?

Yes! Currently, you can try any of our themes 7 days for free and see if it suit your needs. Just choose a theme and sign up only with your email, the system will automatically create a test website very similar to our theme demo and provide you with the login details immediately.

Can I see examples of other people using your themes?

Yes. We really take pride in having more than 30.000 customers using our themes. You can see some of the handpicked websites in our official showcase section.

Is customer support included?

Yes! And we take pride in having a 5-star customer support team of experts, always available to jump in and help you out. We are currently the top-rated team in WordPress category on ThemeForest.

What is included in the free support scope?

Having support for your purchased themes means that we will be available to you as our customer, to answer all the questions and iron-out any potential issues you have in using our themes. You can read more details about our support policy here.

How long do I have to wait to get an answer?

It may really depend on the time-zone differences and the current volume of requests, however, our response time does not take longer than 1 business day. And in most cases, you will get a response in a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes.

Is the documentation (setup guide) included?

Yes. Each of our themes comes with step-by-step setup guide and documentation always available. We also have the extensive FAQs section for all our themes which we frequently update and maintain.

How often do you update the themes?

The frequency of our theme updates is usually defined by the number of new meaningful feature requests by our customers, as well as our team. So there aren’t any strict rules here. However, if any bugs or issues appear due to browser updates or WordPress version changes, we make sure to update all affected themes ASAP to keep you and your visitors safe.

For how long will you maintain the themes?

Currently, we don’t have any plans to abandon any of our existing themes. Some older and less popular themes may have longer update cycles in terms of new features, but you have our personal promise that each theme will get an update ASAP if any bugs or issues appear due to potential incompatibility with one of the next WordPress versions.

Do you offer theme customization services?

While theme customizations go out of our regular support scope, we have partnered with, probably the best guys in the industry specialized to provide you with this kind of service. Should you need any customization of your theme, just use this customization services contact form.

Can you migrate or set up my site for me?

Currently, this kind of service falls under the “customization scope”. However, we are always here to answer to all of your questions in order to help you with the setup as much as possible.

Overall features

What control do I have with your theme options?

Generally, we tend to provide as many options as possible while also keeping in mind to avoid bloat of options that are not meaningful for most of the users. Basically, there are options to change fonts, colors, layouts, upload your logo(s), lots of “on/off” display options etc. Also, some specific options are provided based on a theme specific purpose.

How fast are your themes?

As fast as a WordPress theme can be. We always use the best performance practices. People sometimes do not realize that many factors other than a theme itself significantly affect page speed, so we also try to help our customers by suggesting the best practices they should implement on their websites regardless the theme.

Are your themes SEO friendly?

Definitely yes. However, you should note that most of the SEO rules are controlled by the website content itself, but for anything else which our themes have control over - we use the best possible practices. Common plugins like Yoast SEO or All In One SEO are 100% supported too.

What browsers are your themes compatible with?

All our themes are compatible with all of today’s browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge IE8+. Yes, it really works in IE.

Can I use your themes in my own language rather than English?

Sure! All of our themes provide the language files (.pot) which makes them translation ready and also suitable for multilingual websites by using plugins such as WPML, for example. We also provide you with a simple translation panel inside the theme options with which you can change or translate any text on the website front-end even more easily.

Do your themes support RTL websites?

Yes. There is a one-click option inside our theme options panel with which you automatically get an RTL oriented content display. We also support “partial RTL” for multilingual websites, which means that for example, you can have a regular content for the English version and an RTL for the Arabic version of the website at the same time.

Do I have a child theme included in the package?

Yes. Each of our themes comes with an additional file, for any of you who decide to go for an advanced theme customization.

Do the themes work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes. As far as we are aware of, all our themes are fully compatible with WordPress multisite installation.

Compatibility & requirements

What are the technical requirements for using your themes?

You only need to have a hosting account set up and a WordPress installed. There are no other requirements as our themes are tested across all major hosting platforms and should work fine without any issues. To put it simply, if your hosting can run a default WordPress installation, it will run our themes too.

What level of technical knowledge is required for using your themes?

It is only recommended that you are already familiar with using WordPress itself, therefore you should be able to easily understand all the setup and options. However, even if you are new to WordPress, our experts will be more than glad to help you with any questions and concerns you may have along the road.

Are your themes compatible with my favorite plugins?

Basically, yes. All of the most popular plugins are 100% compatible and should be working without any issues. Of course, you can always drop us a message if you want to be 100% sure about compatibility with some specific plugin you may be using.

Are your themes compatible with the latest WordPress version?

Yes, and always will be. We do our best to test the compatibility with the upcoming WordPress version even before it is officially released, just to make sure everything is safe on our side.

I’m thinking to switch to your theme from another theme, is it possible?

Not even it is possible, it should be the easiest thing too. All our themes are made to leave your existing content untouched, so you should be able to have your new website design up and running in a very short time.

If I use a Meks theme, can I easily switch to some other theme later?

As already stated in the previous question, yes. Regardless you want to switch to one of our themes, or to any other theme, your previously inserted content will stay in place.

Can I use your themes on account?

Basically, yes, but please note that allows you to upload themes only if you are subscribed to their Business Plan.

How are your themes different from Avada, Divi and other widely popular themes/frameworks?

So-called “multi-purpose” or “canvas” themes usually give you a possibility to tweak every detail of your content which rather puts them into an “Operating System” category than a simple solution for a functional design template, which WordPress themes were always supposed to be. While you can basically achieve the same result, our themes are rather focused on the specific niche which makes it easier for us to provide the exclusive set of meaningful options you really need as well as to avoid a bloat of mostly unnecessary options that only slows down your website or make the website management harder than it should be.

I’m using Visual Composer or a similar page builder, are your themes compatible?

While none of our themes are built with the official support for a particular page builder, nor any of the theme specific features rely on a page builder functionality, as previously stated, there are no limitations in using any of plugins with our themes. Therefore, all the page builder plugins should work with our themes out of the box

Purchase & licensing

Who am I buying the themes from?

All our themes are exclusively distributed through ThemeForest, one of the largest and the most reliable WordPress themes marketplaces worldwide. We also carry the special "Power Elite" team title which puts us among top 1% WordPress theme providers.

What do I get after I purchase the theme?

You get the access to the theme installation file (.zip) which you can download and install on your WordPress website. Several other resources are also provided, like documentation (setup guide) and the child-theme package (for anyone interested in customizing the original theme). Once you purchase the theme you will have a lifetime access to all upcoming theme updates for free.

What payment methods are accepted?

Since all the payments are handled via ThemeForest, you can pay securely via PayPal or a credit card. We as Meks do not collect any data regarding your PayPal account or credit card numbers, etc.

Can I get a refund if the theme doesn’t suit my needs?

We offer refunds in accordance with the official ThemeForest refund policy. Please reffer to the policy and ask for a refund through your ThemeForest profile if you believe your case is valid.

How many sites can I use the themes on?

As per ThemeForest licensing rules, you basically need to purchase one theme license for one WordPress website. You can also read more details and cases about the themes usage and license here.

Why are the prices of your themes different?

In terms of code quality, performance, security, SEO and reliability, all our themes are the same. However, we tend to adopt our pricing strategy based on the number of features and flexibility that each of our themes offers. We understand that more simple themes for kinda personal websites should cost less than some slightly advanced themes usually used for business.

Why should I use WordPress?

It is the most popular content management system and won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Over 70 million people choose it to power their websites, having a strong community behind working hard to improve it every day. It’s free, easy to use, secure, SEO friendly and performance optimized.

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