Remove Orphan Shortcodes

Remove Orphan Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

This is a simple plugin which automatically hides inactive (orphan) shortcode tags you have used for previous themes and/or plugins. It uses the_content filter to search for shortcode tags which are not active and simply removes them from your post/page content. Shorctode tags won’t be hard-deleted from your content, they will be¬†hidden¬†while your website pages are rendered.

It is a great solution if you want to avoid manual removal of old shortcode tags from your entire content.


“This is a REALLY useful plug-in. Has this ever happened to you … you update a plug-in and the updated version had a bug which stopped it working. This can leave hundreds of shortcodes littered around your site’s pages making it look ugly and unprofessional. This happened to me today. So I searched for a way to quickly hide the broken shortcodes while I decide whether to restore my site to a previous version or wait for the broken update to be fixed.

I found, installed and activated this plugin. Then spent a while trying to find the configuration/options page. I couldn’t find it. So I checked my site … and all the broken shortcodes had gone. My site looked good again! The reason why there isn’t an options page is that it doesn’t need one – this plug-in … just … works! Thanks Meks for writing this plug-in – you saved my site from looking rubbish :)”
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