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Sidebar & footer

Typology provides slots for several widget areas you may optionally use for sidebar and footer.

  • Default sidebar (header sidebar) – a sidebar which is accessible via hamburger icon next to your main navigation in the header.
  • Footer column 1,2,3 – predefined sidebars to use in the footer area. Each of them represents one footer column respectively.
  • WooCommerce sidebar (optional) – once you install and activate WooCommerce plugin you will be able to use a separate sidebar for your shop pages.

In order to manage content for sidebars and add some widgets, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets as shown in the image below.

Note: Both sidebar and footer area are managed globally, which means that all of your pages on the website will display the same widgets by default. However, if you want some more control over your widget areas, we warmly recommend to install and use Display Widgets or Widget Logic plugins with which you can easily display different widgets on different pages on your website.

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